Posted November 5, 2014

Introducing our #WineWednesday Videos

Eat + Drink


You love wine; we love wine. It’s already a match made in heaven. But it’s a wide, wide world of wine out there and you just might have some questions. Well, we’ve got some answers.

Welcome to our #WineWednesday video series. The first Wednesday of every month, we’ll be uncorking another video that will offer a quick tip on everything from what wine to bring to a tailgate party to recommended wines that can stand up to a tricky ingredient like artichoke. And look for our Master Sommelier Emily Wines to be weighing in with her thoughts, too.

This inaugural video features Lauren Lathrop, general manager of Shaker + Spear and Pennyroyal at Seattle’s soon-to-open Palladian hotel. We posed Lauren a simple, timely question: What’s your favorite fall varietal? Take a look.


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