Posted April 5, 2015

Meet Portland’s RiverPlace Hotel Bedtime Butler

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RiverPlace Hotel

This is one turndown service you won’t want to turn down.

If you happen to see a man in a black shirt, white bow tie, and white suspenders rolling a cart down the hallway at the RiverPlace Hotel in Portland, OR, that’s not a wayward dancing extra from one of the city’s many theaters — it’s the Bedtime Butler.

The Bedtime Butler, you ask? It’s a surprise-and-delight turndown service for our guests. And just to add to the fun, you never know when the Bedtime Butler is going to do his thing, so there’s a little bit of mystery involved.

Not only is there intrigue on just when he may show up, but you never know just what the RiverPlace Hotel Bedtime Butler will bring along. Perhaps you’ll be greeted with that classic evening treat of milk and cookies, or a grown-up nightcap of port, Cognac or apple cider with bourbon. There could be a pair of slippers to keep your tootsies toasty, chamomile tea with lavender oil to soothe you to sleep, or an eye mask to make getting some shut-eye even simpler. For the younger set, there are children’s books for a bedtime story, and everyone gets turndown chocolates locally made in Portland. Those clever RiverPlace folks just keep expanding the program, coming up with more creative ideas — many inspired by local products — for the Bedtime Butler service.


Downton Abbey has nothing on Portland’s RiverPlace Hotel … we’ve got a Bedtime Butler now.

In addition to bringing these bonus goodies, the butler will also attend to your traditional turndown service needs, like replenishing toiletries and drawing the curtains.

And just for our Life Is Suite readers, a pro trip: If you get impatient waiting to see if the Bedtime Butler is going to surprise and delight you, put in a request — although there’s no guarantee the butler will be making rounds that day, we hear he likes to go the extra mile for those who ask for his snooze-inducing services.

And if you’re not lucky enough to be in Portland, don’t lose any sleep — some of Kimpton’s other hotels are making bedtime a little more interesting, too, with a new Nightcap Program that you can check out right here.


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