Posted September 29, 2015

Inside the Chef’s Fridge: Danny Bortnick

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Ever wonder what a chef’s fridge looks like inside? We did, too. That’s why we turned to one of our own. Danny Bortnick, Kimpton’s VP of Restaurant Concept Development, left us inspired (and hungry!) with his assortment of good-for-you foods. But we didn’t expect any less — Danny’s livelihood is dreaming up new restaurants, from the menu to the decor to the server uniforms. His enthusiasm for food carries through at home, which he shares with his wife and two kids. Check out his fridge, read our quick Q&A and get inspired!


What staples do you always keep in your fridge/bar?
We always have eggs, a plethora of fresh fruits and vegetables, almond milk, peanut butter, mayo, mustard and hot sauce.

What are your go-to family favorites?
Our go-to dishes include salads (nearly every dinner), eggs (any style), various tacos, grilled or roasted vegetables, rosemary-garlic potatoes, quinoa/lentils/brown rice, and gluten free pancakes.


What are your favorite products?
Bubby’s pickles, Udi’s gluten-free breads (2 of 4 in the family have a gluten allergy), cholula, local produce/meats/seafood/dairy, kosher salt, Ranieri extra virgin olive oil, organic greek yogurt, and coconut oil/water.

Who does the grocery shopping at home?
Primarily my wife. She is super-committed to only buying organic, whole foods (not processed). If I’m shopping, it’s typically for a specific meal or gathering we are hosting. We also have a very extensive home garden and constantly make our meal decisions based on what is ready for harvest.

Now that you’ve seen Danny’s fridge, tell us — what’s in YOUR fridge?

photo of Danny: Bethseda Magazine


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