Posted November 12, 2014

Global Business Program — Getting Down to Business

Kimpton Buzz

Chicago O'Hare Airport

Photo: Nick Harris/Creative Commons.

You road warriors know the drill: Delayed connections, cramped airline seats, lousy (if any) in-flight meals. And then once you get to your hotel, would it be too much to ask for some Wi-Fi that works?

Interestingly enough, though, according to a new survey of business travelers by Fortune and Travel + Leisure, most of you don’t mind taking those trips. Almost half of the respondents say they mostly enjoy their business trips, with only 9 percent saying it’s a necessary evil. A scant 1 percent “would rather be getting a root canal.”

Among the other findings were: 71 percent travel with carry-on luggage only; 71 percent also sneak in some shopping or sightseeing; 23 percent haven’t removed liquids or their laptop from their bag at security. You can check out all the results right here. (By the way, you might also notice we were named one of the top five hotel chains for business travel … not too shabby!)


And for those 35 percenters who only have a so-so experience with business travel, we’d like to help. If you’re a small-business owner or involved with a club or association and want some perks and discounts for your peeps like the big companies can negotiate, check out our Global Business Program (GBP). Right now we’re offering our GBP members up to 20 percent off our best available rate (book by Feb. 28, 2015). It’s free and easy to join and you can do it right here.

And we were so inspired by the Fortune/T+L survey we did a little one of our own, asking people what their travel pet peeves were. You can check out the responses — or chime in yourself — on Twitter and Facebook, but a couple of things to note: Folks definitely want their electrical outlets (a surprising number even travel with their own extension cords or power strips) and free Wi-Fi. (FYI, you can sign up for our Kimpton Karma Rewards* program and instantly get complimentary Wi-Fi at all our hotels, plus some other cool stuff.)

And it seems a few of you out there have accidentally washed your hair with body lotion thanks to the tiny print on the bottles. But still, that’s better than a root canal.

*UPDATE: Kimpton Karma became a part of the award-winning IHG Rewards Club program in 2018. Learn more here.