Posted September 17, 2013

Get InTouch With Bar Stars

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Hey, can we buy you a drink?

We’re expanding our “Raid the Mini-Bar” initiative — which offers InTouch members a $10 credit ($15 in NYC) toward mini-bar goodies — to include our actual bars and lounges. Yup, file this one under “an offer you can’t refuse.”

Just sign up for our Kimpton InTouch loyalty program, which entitles you to all kinds of nifty perks (from free Wi-Fi to free stays), and you’ll get a credit toward your tab at any of our bars. And if you’re already a member (thanks!) … you’re good to go. Check out more details here.

Chauncey Scates of Square 1682, named in a recent poll as the country’s best hotel bar.

And you know how proud we are of our restaurants and lounges … we’ve got bar stars from coast to coast shaking it up on the cocktail front. In fact (gotta blush here a little bit), in a recent USA Today Travel readers’ poll of the top ten hotel bars in the country, Kimpton’s Square 1682 in Philadelphia and Sable Kitchen & Bar in Chicago came in at number one and two respectively.

So go ahead and become part of Kimpton’s “raider” nation and hit the bar. And just to get the lounge chitchat rolling, we asked a couple of our bartenders about their specialty, their favorite drink of the moment and what’s next in the world of booze.

An informed raider is a happy raider. Cheers.

Chauncey Scates/Square 1682

Q: What’s your bar’s signature cocktail?

A: Mama’s Squeezebox. Hands down. Because I use that word so often, when I talk about my allergies to Philly friends, “sneeze” is autocorrected to “Squeezebox.”

Q: What’s your favorite secret ingredient?

A: I have two favorite secret ingredients; they work hand in hand. I would love to say they’re crème de cacao and mezcal, but it’s a raw sugar — or better yet, Demerara sugar simple syrup — and citrus peel. Those two things can take the edge off even the most over absinthe-rinsed glass, or bring out the depth in the most spineless of Old Fashioneds. Crappy vermouth? An orange twist to the rescue.

Q: What are you drinking these days?

A: Sherry, dive-bar wine spritzers or Lillet rosé on the rocks.

Q: What do you think is next in the world of cocktails?

A: House-fortified wines.



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