Posted November 15, 2014

Fourth Annual Kimpton Pet Photo Contest

Kimpton Buzz

Raven the dog

Last year’s winner was Raven, photographed by Beth Klaes.

Let’s face it, pictures of pets are cute. Look no further than your Facebook feed for proof. That’s why several years ago Kimpton thought it’d be a hoot to hold a pet photo contest. We imagined a handful of folks would enter but never did we foresee the four-legged flashbulb frenzy that ensued. Nearly 3,000 entries were voted on by more than 60,000 people. Dogs, cats, bunnies, lizards, hamsters, chickens and even a baby cow were submitted. Clearly, our guests love to show off their pets.

The Kimpton Pet Photo Contest has been so popular that, like a dog playing fetch, we’re bringing it back (minus the slobber). For two weeks — Nov. 17 to 30, 2014 — anyone can submit a photo of their pet. Then give out the rallying cry for your friends and family to vote. At the end of the contest, the five photos with the most votes will win some pretty pet-acular prizes from our friends at Olive, FIDO Friendly, Bergan, Paws to Click, and Polka Dog Bakery.

Furthermore, one lucky critter will be crowned the cutest of all. From the five finalists, one grand-prize winner will be chosen by Animal Radio to win the Ultimate Pet Getaway, which includes three nights at any Kimpton Hotel, airfare for two on JetBlue, a Kimpton restaurant certificate, and more. (Of course your pet doesn’t have to be the top-dog winner to stay at one of our hotels; pets are always welcome.)

Francis the cat

Francis, immortalized by Michelle Gottleib Regenbogen.

You ready to feature your creature and win big? Here’s how to enter:

• Submit a photo on our contest page, right here.

• Upload a photo to Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #KimptonPetContest2014.

But first, you need a great photo. You may not be able to teach an old dog new tricks but you can help your pet take a better photo. Below are some hints on how to snap a winner:

Elsa the dog

Elsa was photographed by Brett Finkelstein.

• Photograph your pet in natural light and avoid flash or harsh light — outside early in the morning or late in the afternoon are ideal.

• Get down on their level (this may be difficult if your pet is a hamster; do your best).

• Use toys or treats to hold attention, maintain eye focus, and encourage playfulness.

• Find a contrasting background to your pet’s coloring — dark fur against a light backdrop or vice versa.

• Fill the frame. Use a zoom (or crop later) to get their full face or full body in the shot.

• Use patience. Just ask any supermodel: Rushing will get you nowhere.

OK, now that you have the money shot, you’re ready to sit, stay, go!


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  1. Mary Mcnaught says:

    I tried to submit a photo of my dog. Did it transmit?


  2. alyx says:

    Hello, I uploaded photo on Saturday and I still don’t see it on the website. Can the votes be instagram based only?

    • Mark Hiss Mark Hiss says:

      Hi, Alyx — The photo can be uploaded to Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #KimptonPetContest2014. Also, did you click on the “Load More Content” button at the bottom of the page? Your critter might be getting some votes as we speak.

  3. Pamela Meyers says:

    When does the contest end?

  4. Michael ballato says:

    I would love to enter your contest i guarantee the cutest dog pictures in the whole world please let me know more info on your contest. Thank u

  5. Jeanine Callahan says:

    HI! I wanted to know when is the contest for this year?