Posted June 7, 2021

Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For® List Honors Kimpton

Kimpton Buzz

To celebrate Kimpton’s twelfth year on the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For® list we’ve rounded up some of the top reasons why we love working here. At Kimpton, we celebrate unapologetic individuality and encourage employees to live the brand, no matter what that means to them. We’re proud to have created a welcoming and inclusive culture built on heartfelt human connections. It’s no secret that our employees love it here. Let us count the ways…

1. We celebrate individuality and love you for you.  It’s always “Bring Yourself to Work Day” at Kimpton because we just can’t find anyone better at being you than you.

2. Diversity makes life extraordinary and our experiences more meaningful. For 38 years we’ve proudly stood with our diverse and vibrant communities and we always will. It’s important to us that everyone, guests and employees alike, feel the #kimptonlove.

3. Housekeeping Appreciation Week. Game days, spa days, stacks of pancakes for days and, oh, TP-ing the general manager that day, just because. This annual Kimpton tradition celebrates our Housekeeping heroes for all they do in creating beautiful and comfortable experiences for our guests.

4. Animals are kind of our thing. And we’re not just talking pups. Our animal attraction is strong, so you never know who you’ll see hanging out in the lobby.

5. Social good is the norm! Our teams care just as much about the greater community as they do one another. Whether giving back to the environment, members of our military, neighbors in need, or our four-legged friends, their passion for doing good comes to life in countless ways.

6. We take time to bond and play as a team. Our business may be 24/7/365, but our work-to-play ratio is no slacker either. Whether it’s impromptu dance parties, yoga breaks, ball games, or even tackling the occasional obstacle course, anything goes when it comes to enjoying our time together. That’s what makes working at Kimpton so much fun.

7. We love love love wellness. Each year we join forces with Chefs Cycle to raise funds and awareness for our partner, No Kid Hungry. Our team of chefs, hotel staff, and top execs, peddle it into high gear on a 300-mile ride to combat childhood hunger in this country.

8. We celebrate ongoing education and learning. When the children of our employees make it onto their school’s Honor list, we give them gift cards as congratulations. Called Bill’s Honor Roll, it’s our way of acknowledging their achievements. And it’s not just the little ones we encourage to keep learning; employees looking to grow their skill sets are also eligible for tuition reimbursement.

9. We’re big on personal and professional development. Whether identifying work styles, exploring communication preferences, or just managing those overstuffed inboxes (don’t laugh, the struggle is real), Kimpton University brings people and teams closer together.

10. Best Place to Work for parents. Being a great parent and a great employee shouldn’t have to be a tradeoff, which is why we offer generous leave for births and adoptions. Supporting our employee’s growing families without concern for gender or primary-caregiver role, is part of our commitment to inclusivity and employee wellness.

At the end of the day, we’re truly family. Whether at our happiest times, or those times when life doesn’t go quite the way we planned, we’re here for one another at the times that matter most. Karl at the Kimpton Schofield Hotel nailed it when he said, “The difference here is that Kimpton truly creates a culture where every person feels like family. For me, this is not about some poster in the back of the house stating that ‘you belong’, it is about how people make you feel.”

Interested in joining the Kimpton team? We hoped you might be! Check out our open positions here!