Posted March 25, 2023

Feeling Stressed or Anxious When Traveling? These Perks Can Help

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There are days and weeks — even years — that tend to test us, stretch us, and challenge us in ways both big and small. It is all too easy for life’s everyday challenges to take a collective toll on our mental health, and we here at Kimpton want to start talking about it. We want you to know that you aren’t alone and it’s okay to not feel okay.

Feeling stressed when you travel? Once you arrive, rest easy at the Kimpton. (Photo Credit: @hoteleventi)

We know this guy is. (Photo Credit: @banethebulldog)

When The New York Times recently asked 1,320 therapists to share what they are hearing from their patients, they reported a striking rise in feelings of depression, anxiety, and tensions within families and relationships. 9 Out of 10 therapists said that more clients are seeking care. It’s clear the need for mental health services is on the rise and many people are struggling to get access to the resources they need.

Anxiety can also manifest itself when it comes time to travel, particularly when you’re in unfamiliar territory. The thought of even getting to your destination may be exhausting — and Kimpton wants to help with that. While we can’t help you get through TSA, or drive the car for you — once you do arrive at a Kimpton, you can rest easy.

Art is.. all around. (Photo Credit: @neevenr)

Destress after arrival at the Eventi by taking in the art. (Photo Credit: @neevenr)

Each of our hotels has their own unique way in which to help cull the stress once you get here. At the Kimpton Marlowe in Cambridge, Massachusetts, wind down upon arrival with a wellness retreat — a partnership with international yoga instructor Candace Cabrera Tavino. If visiting the Eventi in New York City, explore the art gallery that makes up the lower floor of the lobby before heading up to your room. And if you are arriving in the early evening, say between 5 and 6 PM, make sure to grab a glass at the daily Social Hour. Welcome to Kimpton.

From the beginning, both physical and mental health have been important to us as a company, especially given our founder Bill Kimpton’s personal struggle with depression. To struggle is to be human, and our culture of heartfelt care has always been about a deep consideration for what people really need. Sometimes it’s just an extra pillow, but sometimes it’s a bit more complicated.

Need some fresh air? Grab a bike upon arrival and explore your surroundings. (Photo Credit:

For years, we have supported mental health initiatives through our longstanding partnership with The Trevor Project, which provides support services for LGBTQ+ youth. And we take our commitment to heartfelt hospitality seriously. We are proud that our range of partnerships — including yoga mats in every room, inclusive meditations and workouts for guests, and access to custom bikes — give us an opportunity to bring our Stay Human ethos to life while providing more physical and mental health support for our people and our guests.

Check out our full #StayWell series about self-care, wellness, and easy travel tips by following the tag below.


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  1. Susan Rundblad says:

    Looking forward to my stay at vero beach may 14th thru the 19th. Really need to destress. Big thanks to Evan for helping make arrangements