Posted January 16, 2020

Fan Faves: Top 5 Tips for Happier Travel

Travel Tips

We learn amazing tips and tricks from our guests every day – so when we were jonesing for fresh inspiration for staying well on the road, we knew just where to turn. Here are the top 5 tips from you about keeping well on each and every travel adventure.

A good night’s sleep makes all the difference when traveling. Photo credit: @misslanaashleigh

  1. Bring A Pic: Packing a framed or printed pic of your kids, partner or pet can give you a quick pick-me-up when you can’t squeeze in some Facetime.
  2. Catch Those Zzz’s: Sleep is the ultimate travel essential, especially so when you’re crossing time zones or doing super active things like ziplining or wakeboarding. Anything that helps you squeeze in extra minutes is well worth its weight in your carry-on. Whether it’s your softest PJs, a sleep mask filled with calming herbs like lavender or Deborah L’s fave, melatonin, keep them on hand to drift off in peace. Meditation and mindfulness are great practices to consider as you’re trying to enter the total-relaxation-before-drifting-off phase after a crazy day of go, go, go. Apps like Calm and Headspace can help.

    Rumpled bed

    (Photo credit: @eridaldal)

  3. Warm It Up: After years of experience, we’ve come to learn that somehow we always find ourselves absolutely freezing on airplanes. Solve this dilemma with two words: packable layers. Scarves, a cashmere wrap, pashminas and mini blankets can easily make or break your trip or during  an unexpected layover. There’s a reason it’s a universally loved travel item.

    Happiness is: taking a long warm bath.

  4. The Ultra, All-Purpose Pick-Me-Up: Another universal favorite are essential oils. The small bottles are easy to stash and offer an instant way to refresh your senses and spirits. You’ll not only love them as a skin moisturizer, but also if you add them to a warm bath, a sleep mask or for a calming waft during turbulent (or smelly) flights. Yep, we’re looking at you, guy in 34C eating tuna fish. We especially like Josie Maran’s Argan Oil and Aesop’s Ginger Flight Therapy. Coconut oil was a close runner-up, since you can digest it – ever tried a spoonful in your morning coffee?
  5. Eat the Alphabet: Vitamins from A to Zinc are must-haves for keeping energy up and battling jet lag. Dietary changes can surprise stomachs, so guest Hilary R. brings probiotics “to make sure I can digest!” Road warrior Amy S. packs vitamin C, while Mimi C. tucks a bottle of wine into checked luggage for an end-of-the-day unwind. We’ll toast to that one!


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