Posted September 13, 2011

Eventi Hotel’s Eventi Suite

Kimpton Buzz

Check out this photo. If somebody told us it’s an art collector’s second home on the Left Bank of Paris, we’d believe it. If somebody told us it’s a tucked-away VIP lounge at Sotheby’s … well, we’d probably buy that, as well.

But enough guessing games. We’re happy to report this stylish, artful hideaway is a guest room at New York City’s Eventi Hotel.

At 850 square feet, the living room of the suite has a unique focal point: a salon-like display of art collected from antiques stores and curated by Irish interior designer Colum McCartan. Complementing the array of black-and-white photography, pencil sketches and ink portraits is a massive library of vintage and new books. (Bonus: A wheeled ladder makes the brain food easy-access.)

The room was designed to make travelers feel, quite literally, at home. Certainly the tufted suede blue couch helps. And because the space also features a dining table with space for eight people and its own private terrace, it’s become a popular place for entertaining and celebrating.

One couple passed a particularly magical night here. Right after getting engaged, the happy twosome returned to the suite, where the boyfriend had mounted a huge world map and surrounded it with hundreds of handmade paper planes to represent their past travels and future adventures together.

Talk about being picture-perfect.

Eventi Hotel is located at 851 Avenue of the Americas in New York City (646-794-6830 or


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