Posted March 1, 2022

End-of-Vacation “Scaries,” Anyone? Here’s How to Keep Them in Check

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This blog post has been adapted from one shared by our partners at Talkspace, a leader in online behavioral health. For more information about our partnership, click here.

You’re on vacation and *supposed* to be having the time of your life, but worries about the return to the “real world” keep creeping in. Sounds like a case of the post-vacation scaries. We’ve probably all experienced the pang of dread that comes along with thoughts of going back to the grind after a wonderful vacation doing things that fuel our souls. Here are tips from Talkspace therapists to help you keep that anxiety at bay and enjoy the here and now, well, now.


• Take an extra day off work to start readjusting to your usual routine. This is also a great time to tackle tasks like grocery shopping and laundry. You’ll feel much more at peace about the week ahead.
• If possible, block an hour or two of your first day back on your work calendar. Use this time to catch up on emails and figure out (and write down) your top priorities for the week.
• Before leaving for vacation, tidy up your house. Coming home to a mess is the absolute worst.
• Set out your work clothes and assemble your work bag & lunch the night before you get back into your regular routine.
Ashley Ertel, LCSW, BCD, C-DBT (She/Her/Hers)

• Develop a personal mantra like “I’m smart, talented and motivated” and repeat it.
• Put some community-oriented plans on the calendar (giving yourself something to look forward to).
• Reach out and ask a friend about their end-of-vacation scaries and how they managed.
• Create a routine that incorporates some mindfulness (early in the morning or late in the evening).
• Remind yourself that peace and chaos go hand in hand.
Meaghan Rice, PsyD, LPC (She/Her/Hers)

So many people struggle with feelings of dread toward the end of a vacation and upon returning home. Rest easy knowing that you’re not alone.

And remember, you can always connect to a professional to chat things through with. Sometimes, that’s one of the best things you can do for yourself.
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