Posted March 30, 2022

Earth-Friendly Businesses and Apps to Check Out Now

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Imperfect Foods, Photo Credit The Brand Guild

Remember when caring for the environment was seen as radical? It was only a few decades ago that staunch activists were called “tree huggers” (as if that’s a bad thing). With the prominent voices of Greta Thunberg, Leonardo DiCaprio, Al Gore and others, people are paying attention and recognizing that our planet is in crisis. We know it’s up to policy, regulations and corporations to pull their weight, but individual choices matter too. They do add up over time and definitely help to instill best practices in our families and social circles.

With that, here are some new ways to make an impact in your day to day life and extend Earth Day to an Earth Always mindset. To learn more about Kimpton’s green history and ongoing best practices, visit us here.


It’s tough to research every single purchase and company out there but these apps and subscription services help lighten the load.

Too Good to Go is one of the newest players on the scene and it’s making waves. The company is focused on fighting food waste because a billion (with a B!) pounds of food is tossed every year in the United States which also contributes to greenhouse emissions. Real talk, that’s up to 30-40% of the food supply not reaching the humans it should. TGTG partners with local businesses to offer surprise bags and day-old leftovers to consumers. People get delicious food at a steal and businesses avoid routing all this food to the dumpsters. The app is available in NYC, Boston and Jersey City with sights on a national expansion.

Photo Credit Too Good To Go

Imperfect Foods is the leading online grocer at the forefront of building a kinder, less wasteful food system. Founded in 2015, the company’s mission of eliminating food waste is powered by working directly with farmers and producers to rescue and redistribute goods across multiple grocery categories, including produce, shelf-stable items, dairy, meat, seafood, and their own collection of private label offerings. Imperfect Foods delivers these goods directly to doorsteps through a customizable subscription service that is more affordable – and environmentally friendly – than the average trip to the grocery store. In 2020, Imperfect Foods was able to save 50 million pounds of food. Check here to see if Imperfect Foods services your area.


Fast fashion is one of the biggest contributors to landfill. Although not everyone has access to high quality pieces, thrifting and resell companies are always a fantastic option to help extend your clothing’s lifecycle.

If you’re someone with an overflowing closet or looking for a particular brand, give ThredUp, Tradesy or Poshmark a whirl. If you’ve got the time on your hands, the latter two are user and mobile friendly to be a seller in minutes. For something less hands-on, ThredUp sends you a clean out kit, selects gently used items that have a chance of reselling and will route the cash or credit back to you.

For another “less is more” approach, nothing beats building a core capsule wardrobe. The concept centers around using a handful of versatile clothing items and mixing and matching them into various outfits. Vetta Capsule is a great place to start with six unique capsules to choose from ranging from Edgy to London style. Think reversible skirts and dresses that double as coats in classic colors like black, white, navy, taupe or striped. Of course, you can spice things up with accessories and shoes!

Photo Credit Thredup


Patagonia’s founder, Yvon Chouinard, is the stuff of legends. He’s led by example by committing 1% of Patagonia’s revenue to the environment, turned it into a Certified B corporation (meeting high standards of social and environmental performance) and launched Patagonia Action Works to advocate for pressing eco issues. With the high quality of their products, they also operate a Worn Wear site where folks can sell and find gently used gear, accessories and clothing items and offer repairs

Lor Tush makes sustainable, tree-friendly toilet paper out of bamboo. They’re a black-owned, women-owned business based out of Baltimore who started out to help people who were financially impacted by COVID-19. Since then, they’ve scaled their operations and you can now pre-order their TP online to be sent to your home. Some of our hotels (Kimpton Vero Beach Hotel) carry it as well! And their eye-catching branding? A definite bonus. Super cool.

Photo Credit Lor Tush

Last but not least, ByHumankind specializes in personal care products that reduce our reliance on single use plastics and are kind to your body. 28K tons of plastic goes into our oceans which turn into micro plastics which end up back in our food supply. Yikes! They ship with packaging made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper and all items are in durable refillable containers you can re-up on at your own pace. You can shop daily, shower and dental routine sets or individual items. Pretty darn cool if you ask us!