Posted April 22, 2014

Kimpton Celebrates Earth Day, Every Day

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Mars, Saturn, Jupiter — they’re pretty impressive, but you have to admit they’ve got nothing on Earth. Just think about all of the things that make our planet special, not to mention inhabitable: clean water, sunshine, rain, food sprouting from trees. It kind of takes your breath away (oh yeah, fresh oxygen, too). It’s no surprise that humans have created Earth Day. On April 22 each year, we salute this wondrous home of ours.

At the same time, we ask, why toast the planet only once every trip around the sun? Perhaps an alternate celebration is a collection of everyday actions like our EarthCare program.

Eco-consciousness has been a part of Kimpton since our founding in 1981. We recycled the trash at our first hotel, the Bedford in San Francisco, before it was the cool thing to do. A few years later, we adapted an office building into the Galleria Park Hotel to include a rooftop urban park. On Earth Day 1994, we opened the Eco Floor at Hotel Triton, making it a model for sustainability nationwide. Over the years, we added more and more green practices — from using 100 percent recycled paper and soy inks to furnishing our guestrooms with eco-friendly (and super comfortable) Sealy mattresses. Finally, on March 17, 2005, Kimpton’s planetary preservation efforts became official with the launch of our sustainability program, EarthCare, at all our hotels and restaurants nationwide.

What is our official Green Mission you ask?

To support a sustainable world, and reflect the values of our employees, guests, and investors, by using nonintrusive, high-quality, eco-friendly products and services at all Kimpton hotels and restaurants.

Our team of more than 80 EarthCare Champions leads the company in our green efforts and strives to continuously improve EarthCare. Here are just a few ways we love up the planet:

  • Partnerships with both The Nature Conservancy and The Trust for Public Land to help raise funds and awareness to support their preservation efforts.
  • Discount parking for guests driving hybrid vehicles.
  • A national partnership with Staples, a leader in environmental responsibility.
  • Printing only when absolutely necessary and creating electronic versions of major documents including our Annual Report and 50-page Employee Benefit Summary.
  • Our restaurants and chefs lead the way in healthy dining by including sustainability in operations, building gardens, and buying organic.
  • Invisible green touches like key cards and fitness room floors made with recycled materials.
  • Green building guidelines established for all new projects and renovations.
  • Complimentary PUBLIC Bikes in all our hotels for zero-pollution transit.
  • Nontoxic and earth-safe cleaning agents.
  • Continual eco-education for staff — training videos, weekly tips, and hands-on training.
  • Planet-friendly meetings and events.

Today, let’s toast the planet and all its wonders while committing to celebrate with our actions the other 364. Happy Earth Day, everyone.

— Kristin Slye


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