Posted March 16, 2021

Design Tips for the Cloffice of Your Dreams

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We hope remote working is here to stay because who doesn’t love a shuffle-from-the-coffee-maker-to-your-desk in 30 seconds commute? With that, many of us have had to scramble to flip a bedroom/kitchen/closet/nook into a makeshift office. If you’ve had mixed results and need a fountain of inspiration, Ave Bradley is here to the rescue. As head of our design team, she knows how important it is to put the right TLC into a space so it provides both style and function.

The Basics 101

  • Maximalists and minimalists alike can respect Ave’s number one tip: keep your work zone clean, clutter-free and organized. Cloffices can’t be hidden away so make the space work in harmony with the rest of your home
  • If you need to turn your office back into another functional space, do a deep clean every week to remove the “work energy” and reset it so it feels fresh and new. Light a candle or use essential oils for an aromatic lift
  • Keep an all-purpose cleaner handy to sanitize your workspace (and personal devices) regularly. Bonus points if you incorporate it into your daily routine
  • Open a nearby window for a cross-breeze, it’ll do wonders


Accessorize Thoughtfully

  • Arrange a stack of your photography or coffee table books to double as a computer stand. A variety of fun titles and colors will inspire you throughout the day
  • For a decorative vignette moment, Ave loves accompanying a small votive candle with spectacular ceramic bowl and a crystal to keep herself grounded and surrounded by beauty
  • Ave’s botanical picks include low maintenance succulents, fresh seasonal flowers and oversized leaves placed in a clear glass vase just so. ICYMI, we’re big fans of buying flowers for yourself, no special occasion needed


Frame Your Backdrop

  • Blur filters and digital wallpapers are amazing in a pinch but when you want to show off your space, think about what people will see on screen. Hang up a statement piece of art or spotlight some greenery to bring depth and variety to your video calls
  • Natural light shifts throughout the day so if you’re not by a window, bring in soft ambient light through floor or tableside lamps that can light the way
  • On the flip side, position your chair and computer so you have something to gaze at throughout the day. Think about your sightline and what you want to see – it could be your pet’s favorite nap spot, a window view or your favorite piece of furniture


Kimpton Brice Hotel, photo credit @thewillardgallery

Take a Breather (Often!)

  • If you forgo everything else, we recommend not letting lousy office habits follow you home. Stretch your legs, get some fresh air and try not to eat where you work. We know life gets in the way but it’s important to break the monotony and create space for yourself



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