Posted January 31, 2014

Denver vs. Seattle (Monaco Edition)


It’s Hotel Monaco in Seattle …

Excitement is building, nerves are jangling, pulses are pounding. It’s Denver vs. Seattle for all the marbles in the Big Game. And yes, after hearing about the zealous nature of the NFL in protecting its copyright, we are now refraining from calling the game by its well-known name. We’ll just follow Stephen Colbert’s lead here and refer to it as the Superb Owl.

And when the Broncos take on the Seahawks on Sunday in the, uh, Superb Owl, it’s going to be more than just about personal glory. It’s going to be more than just about team bragging rights. It’s going to be more than just about city pride. It’s also going to be about a bet between two hotel GMs: Tom Waithe of our Hotel Monaco in Seattle and Von DeLuna of the Hotel Monaco in Denver. And before any IRS folks get in a tizzy, let’s be clear this is just a friendly wager … but it will have some pretty powerful impacts.

That’s because if Seattle wins on Sunday, the Seattle Monaco will donate 5 percent of the day’s receipts to the Wounded Warrior Project, an organization dedicated to helping vets and their families. If Denver wins, 5 percent of its sales that day will go to Dress For Success, which empowers women in need. So yes, if you’re neutral about which team to root for, it just got even harder to pick a side.

Let’s just hope it’s a Superb Owl for the ages. And may the best bird win.

… versus Hotel Monaco in Denver. Monaco a Monaco, as they say in Spanish.


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