Posted May 31, 2017

Pacific Hideaway + 11 Fab Huntington Beach Eats

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Things are heating up in sunny Huntington Beach: Pacific Hideaway has just opened its doors. We managed to steal a minute with Executive Chef JT Walker to chat about the flavorful cuisine he’s created. Deeply familiar with the local food scene and its growth over recent years, JT also highlighted his favorite food haunts for us.

Pacific Hideaway’s Chef JT Walker

Behind the Mouthwatering Menu

The menu at Pacific Hideaway is a vibrant spread of crudos, ceviches, tacos, bao buns and other globally inspired delights. But the philosophy behind the menu is perfectly simple. JT says, “We embrace the Latin and Asian influences Socal locals all love, and let the locally sourced ingredients shine on their own.” To produce big, exciting flavors, JT relies heavily on ingredients like chiles, lemongrass, ginger and fish sauce.

Pacific Hideaway’s amberjack crudo

For a glimpse behind the deliciousness, take the show-stopping Crispy Fish. It’s a whole Tai Snapper with the meat separated from the bones and fried until crispy. JT adds, “We serve it with the skeleton fried, too, for those in the know looking for the tender cheek meat.” The fish is gorgeously presented with lettuce cups, green apple kimchi, bang bang cucumbers and fresh herbs like shiso, cilantro, Thai basil and mint; the dish creates a truly interactive experience.

The Crispy Fish dish is as fresh as it is flavorful

And that’s the goal. JT explains, “I grew up in a family that cooks—not professionally, but well. We all believe we should live to eat, not eat to live. I’ve always striven to push that feeling in places I’ve worked—to create intimate spaces where people can hang out and feel like family.”

Pacific Hideaway’s stylish, yet casual, interior

JT’s Chef-Approved Huntington Beach Eats

JT’s own parents and many relatives grew up right in Huntington Beach; he’s witnessed the city’s revitalization and is eager to offer his own contributions. “There’s a great mix of small, intimate spots and worthwhile splurges popping up,” he says.

Want the full scoop? Here’s JT’s guide to the fresh, tasty cuisine of this coastal city.


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