Posted June 3, 2014

Kimpton Brice Hotel, Doorway to Savannah’s Historic District


Savannah, GA, Skyline

Savannah, GA: The Hostess City of South.

There’s an old saying about the original Sister Cities of the South: In Atlanta they ask you, “What’s your church?” In Charleston, they wonder, “Who’s your family?” But in Savannah, folks want to know, “Whatcha drinkin’?”

That’s not to say life is a drunkfest in Georgia’s Hostess City. It’s really more about opening wide the gates of hospitality with a generous, irreverent spirit. Whatever cheers you up — be it sweet tea, an icy Coca-Cola or a ginger-peach julep — Savannah is happy to oblige. And thanks to the convivial open-container laws (to-go cups are street legal), you can explore this historic, artsy, music-loving town with your favorite cocktail in hand.

Yes ma’am, our kind of place.

And so we introduce The Brice, our newest hotel, smack-dab in the heart of Savannah’s historic district (the country’s largest, by the way). The original building has been around since the 1860s, and it’s been everything from a cotton warehouse to a beer garden to a Coke bottling factory. (Perhaps appropriately, Coke’s first curvy-shaped bottle was made here.) In the late 1970s an adaptive re-use was completed and the structure became a hotel, though the industrial exterior remained.

The Brice hotel room

When we began renovating the place, our design team could have gone with stately Southern antiques and imposing portraits. But Kimpton being Kimpton, we instead conjured up a modern Southern mansion with a wink and a nod to history. In the lobby you’ll walk by an old Coca-Cola cooler turned table, dual serpentine bookcases, and an armchair typical of an eccentric Southern aunt. Avant-garde accessories come from local favorites like The Paris Market and 24e.

Then you see the show-stopping glass wall leading out to our Secret Garden courtyard. Picture high brick walls and wrought-iron gates, the tinkling of glasses and the sound of laughter. It’s a party you want to be invited to. And The Brice says, “Come on in.”

Or, go on out. Savannah may not be a major metropolis, but there’s a startling amount of cool stuff to do. Take a pedicab tour of the historic district. Check out the downtown art scene. Stroll through the open-air City Market. Visit scenes from the movie Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil (this year marks the 20th anniversary of the book). Grab tickets to one of the countless music festivals hosted here, including the Savannah Stopover, a pit stop for musicians on their way to Austin’s famous SXSW Music Conference. Or hop aboard one of our cruiser bikes and ride to any of the 22 picturesque squares throughout Savannah; our own Pacci Italian Kitchen + Bar will even hook you up with a posh picnic.

We could go on and on. But really it’s best if you just come on down to The Brice and let us introduce you to our seductive new friend, Savannah. You’ll be charmed, we’re sure.