Posted August 7, 2014

We’re on Boards: Kimpton is Now on Pinterest

Kimpton Buzz

Kimpton Pinterest Dashboard

Wherever your interests and your curiosity might take you, from piñatas to pinnipeds, Pinterest has become a go-to source for sharing inspiration. And if there are two things we like, it’s sharing and inspiring. And just for the record, we like piñatas and pinnipeds (seals and walruses), too.

The idea of swapping dazzling images of interior design concepts, creative cocktails, or secret San Francisco spots with our guests is right up our alley, so if you didn’t already know: Kimpton is now on Pinterest. And we really want to pin with you.

It’s the perfect community to engage in some visual dialogue between our guests and our Kimpton family, so you’ll see some of the cool things that go on in our hotels but you’ll also see a ton of what we’re craving, digging, drooling over, thinking about, and trying.

Our boards are managed by our in-house experts like Jennifer Porterfield from our Design Team, who oversees the Living Rooms board, sharing gorgeous home décor ideas from around the world. Executive Chef Derek Simcik, who pins to #ChefLife, documents his delicious journey to Santa Barbara and the California culinary delights he encounters daily. Plus there’s more to come — we’ll be adding more boards any day now (hint: weddings, look books, products we love).

Guests working online

You’ll notice “Pin It” buttons on the beautiful photos here on Life is Suite, so if one of them inspires you, you can quickly and easily pin it to one of your own favorite boards. We can’t wait to see what resonates with you, so we can give you more of the images and ideas that matter most to you.

Want to be featured on our Pinterest page? Document your Kimpton journey and tag your photos #Kimpton on Instagram, Twitter — wherever you are — for a chance to be featured on our Your Lens board. If your photo is featured, delightful things might come your way.

Lastly, we want to see what inspires you. If you’re up for it, link to your Pinterest profile in the comments below so we can take a look (and like, and re-pin, and re-pin again). Seeing is believing … and inspiring.


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