Posted April 1, 2020

Ave Bradley’s Home Picks


Ave Bradley, Creative Director and SVP, Design for Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants

As Creative Director and SVP, Design for Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants, I spend each and every day inventing and reimagining living spaces that our guests can call their own – even if just for one evening.

While I’m tempted night after night to curl up in a room at, say, New York City’s Eventi Hotel (the fifth-floor suites and terrace would make anybody swoon), I’m happy to grab my yoga mat and return to my own place after a day of work. I surround myself with things that I love, be they functional, soothing, or simply fun to look at. In all cases, purity, artisanship, and authenticity are key. My day at the office is filled with so many design decisions and looking at product options that living in simplicity and purity are essential to helping me clear my head and keeping me grounded.

Want the inside scoop? Read on to find out what I hold most dear in my home.

Matteo linen sheets. [Photo courtesy of Matteo]

Matteo Bed Linens. For me, sleeping in linen sheets is the ultimate luxury. Matteo’s vintage-washed are my absolute fave; the softness and comfort are unbelievable. I have a couple sheet sets that I rotate (always in white because they feel so clean and fresh).  Also, linen uses less water to convert to final product than does cotton. I’m so enamored that my towels are also from Matteo — pure white, gorgeous absorbency, complete decadence.

Books. I fall for any book filled with gorgeous, inspiring imagery. They are typically about hotels, restaurants, bars, retail shops, branding, architecture, and architects.  The publisher Taschen has some of my favorites; not only are their books sublime, but you should see their store in Beverly Hills. It’s a sliver of a space and designed with true genius (oh, and they have the world’s best shopping bags for carrying books!)

Keetsa eco-friendly mattress. [Photo courtesy of Keetsa]

Keetsa Mattress. The last time I moved, I decided it was time to invest in a new mattress. I’m an insomniac and always searching for something that might make my nights a little dreamier. And I didn’t want something made with a lot of harsh chemicals. Driving through SoMA one Saturday, I found Keetsa, a company that manufactures mattresses with sustainability in mind (they use green tea extract and other natural plant oils).  Sadly, I’m still not sleeping much, but at least it’s with a good conscience.

Heath Ceramics. I love the honesty and authenticity of these tableware pieces, which range from cups to bowls to covered dishes. The fact that they are American-made and based in San Francisco makes the line even more appealing to me because I like being able to support artists and craftsmanship!


Fab-tough Joya Studio candle. [Photo courtesy of Joya Studio]

Joya Studio Gunpowder Green Tea Candles. Not only are they poured in beautifully shaped organic ceramic vessels, they have these fab-tough subtle skulls. I just love the juxtaposition of that. And the scent … not sweet, not feminine, not overwhelming… just clean and pure. I find them at Fred Segal in Santa Monica, so I stock up every time I go to L.A.x

Cowhide rug. I bought one about 10 years ago on eBay for less than $400. It’s such a timelessly chic rug that’s (sadly) seen me through about six different sofas in that same time period.

Hopefully these ideas inspire you to make your space a little more your own, however that may be.


—Ave Bradley, Creative Director and SVP, Design


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  1. Can you tell the mailing address for a package to reach Ave Bradley

  2. Ron Beasley says:

    RE your feature in the NY Times on 11/17/11 – keeping fish in tiny bowls is cruel. How would you like to be trapped in a closet for years? I think its the same thing…

  3. Erin Keating says:

    Hello, I’d like to know if there’s someone I could speak with about decoration info from the Hotel Palomar in Philly. I just stayed there and would like to purchase some items that were in my room, if they are available. Thank you!

  4. aloni says:


    I would like to know Ave Bradleys email address as we want to contact her for one of our project.Thank you!

  5. alison says:

    I stayed at the kimpton Monaco in Philly and fell in love with the red lacquer armoire. Where do you suggest I find that type of red lacquer furniture. Its simply beautiful. Congrats for amazing design.

    • Mark Hiss Mark Hiss says:

      Hi, Alison — Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. We’re trying to dig up the info for you. Stay tuned.

    • Mark Hiss Mark Hiss says:

      Hi, Alison — Well it looks like that furniture is custom made by a company in Canada that works exclusively with the hospitality industry. It’s called Fleetwood Fine Furniture ( Check them out … maybe they deal with the general public, as well. And apologies for taking so long to find that out.

  6. Karen moore says:

    Hi. I am currently staying at The Brice in Savannah and I love the rectangular table in the lobby and I would like to know if there is anywhere to purchase one?
    Thank you!

    • Mark Hiss Mark Hiss says:

      Hi, Karen — We’ll look into it. In the meantime … hope you enjoyed your stay!

    • Mark Hiss Mark Hiss says:

      Hey, Karen — Well, unfortunately it looks like that table was custom-made for the hotel. We’re thrilled that you liked it enough to want one, though.

  7. Stephanie says:

    I just stayed at the Brice and fell in love with the decor…would you be able to tell me any of the merchants used to furnish the hotel?

    • Mark Hiss Mark Hiss says:

      Well, Stephanie, we checked with our design team and unfortunately the furnishings in the rooms are custom made and not available commercially. The decor in the lobby, though, is vintage. It’s the kind of stuff you can find when you treasure hunt at estate sales and antique stores.

  8. Edwin Revell says:


    My name is Edwin and me and my partner had the pleasure of staying at the Brice by Kimpton hotel located in downtown Savannah GA. The room was absolutely spectacular and I am so inspired by the bold design choices. I would love to know who I need to contact in order to purchase the chevron patterned grey carpet used throughout the suite.

    Thank you!

    • Mark Hiss Mark Hiss says:

      Hi, Edwin — Thanks for the kind words. We’ll check in with the design team to see if that carpet is available commercially (sometimes they are custom designs).

  9. Jill Orlov says:

    I would like to propose my sculptural, one-of-a-kind furniture for Ave Bradley and her team at the beautiful boutique Kimpton Hotels. I am located in Baltimore, Maryland, so I am close to several of the east coast options. Your spaces would be very exciting to design custom pieces for – to name just a few: Hotel Palomar’s lobby or meeting room area, Eventi Hotel lobby, especially the Brice Hotel library or a premier suite or maybe one that is in the works.

  10. Susan Adams says:

    Hi Ava:

    Love your Kimpton properties…question. Is there anyway to purchase some of the wallpapers. Particularly the one from the Philadelphia Monaco that’s in the closet. We so love your hotel and are beginning a new life together and are redoing a 1960’s era home.

    All the best,
    Susan Adams

    • Faith Yi Kimpton says:

      Hi Susan!
      Thanks so much for the kind words about Hotel Monaco Philadelphia’s wallpaper! Our wallpapers are unique, custom designs created specifically for the properties, and aren’t available for purchase. Best wishes with your remodel – sounds like fun! – and we look forward to seeing you again!

      • Susan Adams says:

        Thank you so much Ave!

      • Ashley says:

        We just stayed at the Pitt hotel and I’ve been searching all
        morning for that wallpaper! So glad I found this so I can stop looking.
        It’s amazing- just like the entire hotel. Please inform me if Kimpton ever decides to start selling their custom stuff- I’ll be first in line! Thank you for such a beautiful hotel!


        • Faith Yi Kimpton says:

          Hi Ashley!
          Thanks so much for the kind words about Kimpton Hotel Monaco Pittsburgh! Any new items available for purchase will be added to Kimpton Style – and while we don’t have wallpaper at this time, we will have other fun items later this year, so please stay tuned. Cheers!

  11. Kim Heller says:

    Where can I find the end tables in the lobby that are small round and brass; covered in lots of brass (possibly) butterflies? I love it!

  12. Mitali Lakhanpal says:

    I just returned from a stay at the Kimpton De Witt Amsterdam and loved all the furniture used in the many different sitting areas of the lobby. The chairs, sofas, marble tables, side and centre tables and the colour combinations. I would like to know where I can source the chairs, sofas and tables from. Would really appreciate your assistance in sourcing these products. Thank you.

    • Kimpton says:

      We’re so glad you enjoyed it all, Mitali! This was a tough question because we didn’t get everything from the same place so thank you for your patience. We did get a lot of our tables from so definitely check them out. We also have names (and coordinating pics) of some of the pieces we sourced. Email us at and we’ll pass along the info so you can order based on your own personal location.

  13. Dr. Denise Levine says:

    Fell in love with the shoelace bar stools at the new Rowan. Any idea where I can purchase a couple?

    • Kimpton says:

      Unfortunately, Denise, most items are custom made for our hotels so they aren’t available for purchase. But we promise we’ll save you a seat whenever you come to visit!

  14. suri says:

    Loved the black leather couch in the bar area at the Everly Hotel (with the gold trim and very low back….almost a bench). Where might I find one like it please? thank you!!

  15. Geoff says:

    This seems to be the de facto place to ask….the prints in the room hallways at the Rowan in Palm Springs, would you be able to share the artist? They are abstract ‘moon and mountains’. Thanks!