Posted December 18, 2012

Ave Bradley’s Holiday Decorating Tips


{A guest post from Kimpton’s VP of Design}

It’s never too late to do a little extra holiday decorating. In fact, there are so many ways to pull off stylish enhancements with very little effort. Here are my last-minute tips for adding seasonal splendor to your home.


Bring Spirit to Small Spaces
Don’t have room for a tree? Affix strands of twine to bare walls and hang stars (or lights, stockings, feathers, candy canes or ornaments) from it using twine or festive ribbon. If you’re into a minimalist or vintage vibe, this is a perfect way to add a little holiday flair without getting too flashy.

Break the Rules
You could decorate with reindeer, snowmen or all things red and green. But why not break tradition? You can do it in an altogether beautiful way with a silver, vintage or clear-glass decorative scheme. It’s also fun to pick a theme like birds, butterflies or insects and have fun with it. (Look for ornaments with birds and such; there are tons out there.) For a playful approach, feathers are fun, flirty and festive. Fluffy white feathers are light and ethereal, while peacock feathers, with their rich and intense colors, are also beautiful. For a unique welcome, hang a wreath with feathers forming the shape of a peace symbol.

Get Close to Nature
No matter which holiday you celebrate, nature-inspired decoration is both appropriate and beautiful. On your next walk, pick up a few skinny fallen branches or twigs. Place them in a tall, clear glass vase and use it as a centerpiece or on a mantle. You can also spray paint them white and add twinkle lights, if you’re feeling especially festive. The same goes for pinecones, with their lovely wintry scent! Arrange them in a bowl or vase. Alternately, you can group twigs in tiny bundles at each place setting at the dinner table. For a splash of color, sprinkle the display with a few pepper berries.

Try Seaside Chic
Perhaps you’re near the ocean for the holidays – or just wish you were. Either way, you can bring that light and fresh spirit to your home. Gather seashells (or buy them from a craft supply store) and use them as ornaments. You can also hang them from a mantel or banister with a beautiful, water-colored ribbon. If you’re lucky enough to be on the beach when pieces of driftwood wash up, it can also be used as a beautiful centerpiece. Another idea is putting a few inches of sand in the bottom of hurricane lamps and lighting pillar candles inside them.

Dim the Lights
There’s hardly any decorating problem that can’t be solved by turning the lights down and lighting a few candles; they add instant warmth to your space and a beautiful glow to your friends’ faces. It’s a simple trick that lets you spend time on what’s really important: enjoying the company of loved ones.

Wishing you wonder and magic everywhere you turn this season!

~ Ave


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  1. I admire your creativity. Yes! they look so simple and easy to do but to those who doen’t have the taste of designs they sure would have a hartime finding where to start. Thank you for sharing your great designs.

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