Posted February 2, 2023

Atlanta for Introverts, Extroverts, and Ambiverts


Travel can be fraught. Or, more accurately, the expectations of travel — especially through the optimized (and unrealistic) lens of Instagram — can cause a disconnect between what you “should” do and what you really want to do. Maybe you just want to snuggle up with a book? Or go on a chill hike by yourself away from all the other tourists?   

Explore Atlanta as an extrovert, introvert, or ambivert. (Photo Credit: @luis_g)

At core, the issue is that not everyone likes to travel the same way, and this is especially true for introverts and extroverts. If you’re visiting Atlanta? What you really need is suggestions not for everyone — there’s no one-size fits all — but ideas for introverts, extroverts, and the oft-overlooked ambiverts. 

Atlanta for Extroverts 

Join a group tour at the Krog Street Market, which features over 20 local restaurants, frisky crowds, and endless people-watching. Or just introduce yourself and join a communal dinner — it’s a welcoming vibe. Craving a crowd? The bar-hopping in Buckhead will satisfy just about any mood or context you’re seeking, from dive and rowdy to sleek and posh. (When you’re finished with that, hit Peachtree Street.)

But perhaps the best place, ultimately, for solo travelers to meet kindred spirits is also the most obvious: the hotel bar. Bonus points if it’s a rooftop bar like St. Julep, the rooftop lounge at the Sylvan hotel, which gives panoramic views that spark conversation.  

For the extroverts: Grab a drink at the rooftop bar, St. Julep. (Photo Credit: @ohnikk)

Everyone (not just extroverts!) love a good rooftop bar. (Photo Credit: @ohnikka)

Atlanta for Introverts 

No conversation necessary when strolling through the 33 acres of the Atlanta History Center, which includes the home of Gone with the Wind author Margaret Mitchell. Rent a bike or hike through the wending trails of the Atlanta Beltline, which cuts through nearly 20 neighborhoods and features exhibit after exhibit from local artists.

Or why not make it easy? Take advantage of Kimpton’s tailor-made amenities for introverts, such as in-room yoga mats, solo guides, an extravagant in-room dining experience for one (who says indulgent food needs to be shared?), and art supplies to fuel your creativity.  

For the introverts: Enjoy an extravagant in-room dining experience. (Photo Credit: @kaitiebryant)

Atlanta for Ambiverts 

You’ll find a dealer’s choice at the Atlanta Botanical Garden: If you’re craving some me-time, you can stroll through the tranquil waterfalls, orchard exhibits, and floral sculptures. Feeling social? Check out the concerts and events, which can range from laser light shows to adult drawing classes.

And museums are a sneaky-great place for ambiverts. At Atlanta’s High Museum of Art, for example, you can either silently appreciate the exhibits or chat with other groups— art is an ideal conversation starter. In the secret garden of Sylvan Hotel’s Willow Bar, you can either mingle with the crowd or just find a private nook (there are many) and pair a craft cocktail with a novel – whiskey goes well with fiction.

For the ambiverts: Stroll through the Atlanta Botanical Garden. (Photo Credit: Christopher Alvarenga)

Where to stay: The Shane Hotel, Kimpton Overland, or Kimpton Sylvan Hotel

As part of our Stay Human: Come As You Are series, we’re pulling back the layers to tailor immersive city experiences meant for all energy levels and personalities – from the most extroverted of us to the ones who prefer to sit back and observe.


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