Posted April 24, 2020

Amp Up Your Art Wall Photos with These 5 Tips

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These days, it seems creative, colorful art walls and murals are everywhere… in restaurants, on the side of buildings and, of course, all over social media, especially Instagram. There’s just something about a beautifully designed wall that inspires us to pull out our phones, strike a pose and share the scene.

Looking to get in on the Instagram trend of photos in front of beautiful wall murals? Boost your art wall profile pics with these 5 simple tips, featuring photos from some of Kimpton’s most popular walls.

1. Don’t be shy, interact! 
When it comes to art walls, the best Insta photos show spirit and personality. Have a little fun with your chosen background. Don’t be afraid to jump, shimmy and bring out your playful side to find a movement or pose that complements the wall behind you.

@allihart916 swept in for a smooch with a vibrant mural inspired by Mexican artist Frida Kahlo at Pacific Hideaway in Huntington Beach, CA

2. Stand back
Let’s be honest… the backdrop is as big of a focal point as the subjects. Instead of trying for a killer selfie, ask your friend (or friendly stranger) to stand back a bit to give a large art installation some room to shine.

This couple shared the spotlight on their big day with this stunning art piece at the Kimpton Born Hotel in Denver. Who’s the real star of this photo? It’s neither “HERE” nor “THERE.” (Photo credit: @rachelgomezdotcom)

3. Accessorize
A little planning goes a long way to add some artistic flair into your art wall photos. Dress to complement the scene, drawing on the theme of the background into your outfit for a perfectly paired photo op and don’t forget to accessorize!

@storiesbydeepa went all out with floral-inspired attire to complement the green wall with neon pink letters at Amsterdam’s Kimpton De Witt

4. Be mod in monochromatic
If art-designing photos in advance seems like too much work, simply dress in all dark (or all light) colors to pop against a colorful background. This is also the number one tip to keep in your back pocket on days you embark on a photo safari, but with no particular destination or mural in mind.

@tarynnancy pops against the Kimpton Goodland’s colorful mural in Goleta, California

5. Go wild
Equal parts adorable and unexpected, sometimes a furry friend is all that’s needed to take a photo to your Instagram art wall photo to the next level. Throw in a well-designed art wall as backdrop, and you’ve got social media gold.

@samsheeks’s pup looks perfectly at home at the Kimpton Everly in Los Angeles

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