Posted July 1, 2014

An Arizona Getaway This Summer? That’s Cool


Amara Resort Sedona

Amara Resort & Spa

Arizona summers are crazy hot. So you can bet your SPF that our Arizona hotels have elevated the art of keeping cool. Whether you’re coming from far away or are in for a staycation, Hotel Palomar Phoenix, Amara Resort & Spa Sedona, are perfect for chilling out this summer for an Arizona getaway.

Hotel Palomar is in downtown Phoenix, where there’s plenty of cool stuff to do. Take yourself out to a night ballgame with the Arizona Diamondbacks just three blocks away at Chase Field. Take in a concert when Billy Joel or James Taylor plays across the street at US Airways Center. Or take it easy and work on nothing but your tan at Lustre Rooftop Garden during the 100 Days of Summer. You’ll find all kinds of splashy fun there, like pool parties, happy hours, live music, and hot yoga. Really hot yoga, which is, well … hot nowadays. And it happens to feel really good. If you’re ready to “Sweat Your Asana Off” and have $10, there’s a place for you and up to 150 other yogis every Tuesday from 6 to 7pm, and you’ll get some munchables and hydration, too. Even if you’re not an overnight guest, you’re totally welcome to join the fun.

In Sedona, Amara Resort & Spa is undergoing a propertywide refresh, including renovated guest rooms, common areas and restaurant. They’ll be ready to show off their stuff very soon, but they’re also ready to welcome guests with trademark Kimpton flair like Tequila and Tanlines (a travel package that includes a welcome pitcher of margaritas!) at all our Arizona hotels this summer. The scuttlebutt is Amara is working on some modern native-style like natural-edge wooden headboards, geode artwork, and colorful rainsticks above the beds. Can’t wait for the big reveal.

In the meantime, all Kimpton Hotels of Arizona have special “Summer Lovin’” surprises for meetings or group getaways this summer. Treat your guests to cool activities like a build-your-own ice-cream sandwich bar, cool-off smoothie bar at breakfast, or refreshing summer cocktail class from one of Kimpton’s bartenders.

Updated April 20, 2016


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