Posted January 23, 2015

Animal Attraction: Our Kimpton Pet Photo Contest Winner

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Kimpton pet photo contest

Meet this year’s top dog: Potato McTater.

Oh, how we love pets — any manner of fluffy, furry or feathered creature. All are welcome to stay at Kimpton hotels for zero charge and we have no size, weight or breed restrictions. If they’re part of your family, they’re part of our family. Now and forever.

Kimpton pet photo contest

But our animal attraction doesn’t stop there. We love your pets so much that for four years running we’ve held a Kimpton pet photo contest. Last November, hopeful entrants had two weeks to submit a photo of their pet and garner votes on our website, Twitter or Instagram. We’ve gotta tell ya, when those cute mugs start rolling in, our tails wag harder than a Labrador at chow time.

We not only saw a lot of dogs and cats, but also bunnies, lizards, hamsters, chickens and more. Check out this submission of two best friends and be ready for your heart to melt.

Kimpton pet photo contest

In just two weeks, more than 1,500 pet photos competed to win and many thousands of votes were cast. The top five “people’s choice” pics became finalists and from those five, one lucky beast was chosen by our friends at Animal Radio to be the grand-prize winner. The finalists were all so adorable, we’re thankful that Animal Radio had the tough job of selecting the winner and not us. The pressure was on.

Kimpton pet photo contest

In the end, Potato McTater, a photogenic, sweater-adorned Shih Tzu from New York City fetched the grand prize. Animal Radio felt that Potato had the “it factor” to become our top dog.

Potato and his mom Tracy were awarded the “Ultimate HosPETality Getaway” — three nights at a Kimpton hotel of their choice, tickets for two on Jet Blue, a Kimpton Restaurant certificate, and in-room spa treatments for two.

All five finalists, including Potato, won these drool-worthy prizes from our partners:

Kimpton pet photo contest Kimpton pet photo contest

Inspired to enter next year? You should! Keep a look out for details in the fall. In the meantime, get out the catnip, squeaky toys, or other creative incentives to woo your pet into sitting pretty for the money shot.


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  1. Linda McKenzie says:

    Please let me know how to enter Reina, my little Havanese in your next photo contest 🙂
    Thank you’

  2. Lois Williams says:

    How did I miss knowing that you have been running this contest for 4 years? Potato is adorable! Where will you announce the contest this year?

    • Mark Hiss Mark Hiss says:

      Hi, Lois — You’ll be able to find info about the next contest here on the blog, as well as our Twitter feed and Facebook page. If you’re a member of Kimpton Karma Rewards, it should also be announced in the newsletter. Look for it in November!

  3. manou cassel says:

    I take this beautiful piglet and his doggy friend. They are adorable