Posted February 11, 2015

#AdoreThySelfie: Celebrating Solo on Valentine’s Day

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Glee by Kiran Foster

This year marks the arrival of my first Valentine’s Day as a solo gal in 12 years. Mind you, neither my ex nor I cared much for the commercialized aspect of the holiday (both of us grimacing at every sappy jewelry ad jingle). So it’s ironic that I’m more excited about this Valentine’s Day than in years past. I decided 2015 is going to be a rockin’ year of self-love and care.

Maggie Lang

Maggie Lang

The notion of self-love was first introduced in 1956 by the psychologist and philosopher Erich Fromm, who advocated it wasn’t conceited or arrogant but actually critical in order to truly love another person. Today, self-love has moved beyond self-help books, Oprah, and yoga classes (all things we love at Kimpton, mind you). It’s scrawled on the walls of CrossFit gyms, chanted in pre-game pep talks, and peppered throughout New York Times op-ed pieces. Heck, even airline safety videos remind us to put our own oxygen mask on first. Self-love is everywhere.

Considering that I’m grossly out of practice — and frankly not particularly motivated — to source a date, here is how I will be celebrating solo on Valentine’s Day, possibly even in this order:

Eggs Benedict Coming Up!

Get the Nespresso machine fired up. Crank up the tunes. So easy (here’s a great recipe from Tyler Florence) and the sense of pride you feel when you nail poached eggs and sumptuous, rich hollandaise sauce will make your self-love meter soar.

Twist and Turn

For a yogini, few things are as enjoyable as finding a killer new yoga class. For a runner or biker, it may be a new path; or if shopping is your sport, a sweet sale. As one of our yoga-loving guests put it when asked how she pampers herself: “I’ll stay in shavasana for an extra 10 minutes and I’m good.”

Yoga at Kimpton

Take Me to the Movies?

Fifty Shades of Grey … coming out the day before Valentine’s Day. Enough said. One Kimptonite shared that she planned a glass of wine and blow out at Drybar before hitting the theater. “It is for Christian Grey after all,” she mused. Check out the trailer.

Vision Board That Body of Your Dreams

I’m not an arts-n-crafts kind of gal. That said, I love me a good vision board! Light scented candles (I’m currently addicted to Jo Malone’s Fig & Cassis), pour a glass of your favorite wine, and create the vision board of your dreams. All you need is poster board, scissors, glue and all your favorite magazines. Snip, clip and glue your way to whatever your heart desires.

Pick Up Your Favorite Pen

Now that I’ve had a glass of wine (OK, OK, or two) and likely feeling a little sentimental, I’ll close my day by writing some sweet cards to a few of my best friends. Telling someone else how important they are to you, and doing so without involving a keyboard or smartphone, is a lost art that is sweetly satisfying. I’ll sign off with “Adore Thy Sweet, Sweet Self.”

— Maggie Lang, Senior Director, Guest Marketing

“Glee” photo by Kiran Foster/Creative Commons


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  1. Monique Dockery says:

    This post was so awesome and I enjoyed the simplicity of how you celebrated yourself. I too am celebrating alone and it’s ok.

    Smooches and #adorethysweetself