Posted August 17, 2023

A Weekend Itinerary for the NYC Marathoner


Whether you’ve been running for decades, just laced up your shoes for the first time this year or are the supportive friend cheering from the sidelines – outwardly smiling though inwardly questioning why anyone would ever run 26.2 miles consecutively – we have an entire weekend itinerary planned for those traveling to New York City for the world’s most coveted race.

Run this city in the NYC Marathon. (Photo Credit: Barron Roth)

The NYC marathon is held every year on the first Sunday of November – arguably the most idyllic time in the city when the humidity of summer has blessedly disappeared and Central Park is a golden tapestry of orange and yellow, while the cold of winter has yet to set in.

Throughout the race, runners pass through all five boroughs that make up the city, beginning in Staten Island, up through Brooklyn, into Queens, with a quick crossover into the Bronx, and finally ending at Central Park in Manhattan.

Saturday Pre-Race Activities

Despite being in New York City, mere hours away from race day (You’re here! You did it! Everything you’ve trained for!) it’s important not to overdo it – but also not to just lay in bed all day.

Get some easy walking in on the High Line in Chelsea. (Photo Credit: Juan di Nella)

And make sure to explore the Chelsea Market. (Photo Credit: Crystal Jo)

  • Chelsea Market: Start by venturing to the Chelsea Market and enjoy a soft-serve tahini ice cream from Seed + Mill, while exploring all of the unique aromas and shops that make up the marketplace. The soft-serve is a bit of a cheat – while on the healthier side since it is oat milk based and made of tahini – it’s still ice cream!
  • Little Island: Exiting on the west side of the market will pop you out right at Little Island, a unique urban oasis on the Hudson River, filled with meandering garden paths and some truly beautiful views of the city.
  • The High Line: After visiting Little Island, hop onto the High Line – a particularly gorgeous, easy walk in the Fall.

Take it easy with a few light activities that will get you up and out, while also experiencing and absorbing the energy of the city.

Saturday Pre-Race Dinner

After walking the High Line, end the afternoon with an early dinner at Manhattan West. It’s important to pick a meal that’s balanced, but also a bit hearty – you will be running 26 miles tomorrow, after all.

Enjoy a hearty meal the night before — you’ll need the fuel. (Photo Credit: @hoteleventi)

And maybe get a soak in — you can rest easy at Kimpton Hotel Eventi. (Photo Credit: @olivier.duj)

  • Citizens NY: If looking for a no-frills (though tasty) meal with options that everyone can choose from, then look no further. Healthy, plant-based options can be found at Plant Nation, fresh and authentic Mediterranean fare at Soom Soom, and juicy burgers at Umami.
  • Ci Siamo: If pasta is more of your go-to before a race, then this is your place. Ci Siamo is a restaurant that prides itself on simple Italian fare and translates to “we’ve finally arrived” – a fitting descriptor after all of the training miles logged for a marathon, if ever there was one.
  • Zou Zou’s: This gorgeous Eastern Mediterranean restaurant is a treat in itself, with a menu boasting decadent dips and uniquely flavored dishes. If splurging on a meal pre-race, Zou Zou’s is the place to experience.

Whether you’re looking to go healthy before the race or bulk up on the carbs (no judgment here) you will definitely find a great pre-race meal at Manhattan West.

Sunday Celebration

You did it! You crossed the finish line after hours of running around New York City, and now it’s time for food. But rather than having to consider what to eat (Is this nutritious enough? Will the dish give me the energy I need or will it just slow me down?) now you can just eat. Because you ran a marathon! You can do anything!

The energy throughout the marathon is electric. (Photo Credit: Tong Su)

Really — you can do it. (Photo Credit: Tong Su)

Will you run the world’s most coveted race? (Photo Credit: Evan Buchholz)

  • But first, food: If you spent the last 10 miles envisioning a burrito, stop by Electric Burrito in the East Village. Or grab a naan taco at Taco Mahal in Hell’s Kitchen (trust us, it’s good). If you’re more in the mood for a sit-down experience, grab the most delicious, slurp-worthy ramen at Tonchin – and some sticky rice balls, buns, and edamame – in Midtown.
  • And drinks: Experience the most elaborate cocktails at Oscar Wilde, a truly unique and majestic bar decked out in the Old English Victorian style. If there ever was a time to celebrate with a fancy cocktail, this is it.
  • And also, maybe (definitely) sweets: For those runners that use dessert as their motivation behind the miles, make sure to book a reservation at Serendipity. This iconic, legendary dessert destination is an NYC favorite thanks to their frozen hot chocolate – and, yes, before you ask – you can get it boozy.

Simply enjoy the rest of your time in the best city in the world at the most beautiful time of year by walking among the golden foliage of Central Park – you earned it.

Where to stay: Kimpton Hotel Eventi or Kimpton Hotel Theta


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