Posted April 28, 2015

A Strozzapreti Recipe From Chef Luca Corazzina

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Chef Luca Corazzina

312 Chicago restaurant Chef Luca Corazzina transports you to Italy with his gnocchi recipe.

Hailing from the ancient and elegant city of Padua in Northern Italy, Chef Luca Corazzina of 312 Chicago restaurant has long been immersed in the traditional cooking of his homeland. Learning from his mother, who is also a professional chef, Luca has embraced the best of both the old and new worlds, combining seasonal, local ingredients with a millennium’s worth of distilled knowledge about Italian cooking.

Check out the video below for Chef Luca’s simple strozzapreti recipe — gnocchi bathed in brown-butter sauce with sage and Parmigiano cheese. Not to be confused with the long and twisted pasta of the same name (which, incidentally, translates as “priest choker”), Chef Luca’s version of strozzapreti is powered by bread and spinach and will deliciously transport you to the Old Country.