Posted July 16, 2020

8 Ways to Soak up the Outdoors at RiverPlace Hotel


Here’s a word of advice if you’re traveling to Portland this summer: Check in to RiverPlace Hotel. Then check out the outdoors.

Kimpton’s newest Pacific Northwest spot has a lot going for it in the nature department. It happens to be one of the city’s only waterfront hotels, sitting on the banks of the Willamette River and adjacent to Tom McCall Waterfront Park, one of the city’s most picturesque green spaces.

You’d think the fantastic scenery would be enough. But it doesn’t stop there. Here are 8 ways to enjoy the outdoors during your stay at RiverPlace.

1. Kayaking
Portland Kayak Co. tours docks its fleet right at the hotel’s feet. Rent a vessel at RiverPlace Marina and explore Ross Island during a guided tour.

2. Biking
RiverPlace has adult- and kid-sized bikes for complimentary rental. Go for a spin along the Willamette River – and remember to bring your camera.

3. Yoga
Every Saturday morning, there is yoga in the courtyard. De-stress and get balanced with the help of an instructor from RiverPlace Athletic Club, the hotel’s neighboring gym.

4. Running
Set off on a 3.2-mile job alongside the river every Thursday with the hotel’s General Manager, Ryan Kunzer.

5. Kites
Skyward, ho! Kites can be rented at no charge from the Front Desk. Tom McCall Waterfront Park is a great place to fly ’em high.

6. Frisbees
Get a friendly toss going with Frisbees that can be loaned out at no charge. Sometimes, the simplest of pastimes are the most fun.

7. Ladder ball
There’s nothing like a good yard game to get the blood pumping, right? Rent a complimentary ladder ball set (you know, the game where you toss two balls connected by a string onto a ladder) and let the tournament begin.

8. Cornhole
Bean bags are fun. Enough said.

When you want a breath of fresh air, check out RiverPlace Hotel, located at 1510 SW Harbor Way in Portland (888-869-3108 or


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