Posted February 22, 2018

8 Tips to Create Share-Worthy Instagram Stories

Travel Tips

Tickets purchased, bags packed, phone in hand. Whether you’re setting out on a trip that calls for some serious poolside relaxation, or for an action-packed agenda, Instagram Stories is the perfect way to share your travel moments in real time.

Here’s how to create the perfect Stories on your trip. The kind that helps your friends follow along, and gets them dreaming.

Capture shareable moments from your travels with Instagram Stories

1. Be prepared – The art to making a great Instagram Story is having your phone handy, so you can capture every share-worthy moment in real time.

2. Get inspired – Maybe you’ve just touched down in your destination’s airport, checked into your bucket list hotel, or started a day of adventure – remember to look for inspiration all around you. See if design, nature, food or overall human activity catches your eye. When you know what gets you jazzed, you’ll know what to share with your friends.

3. Pick your medium – Instagram Stories allows you to shoot still photos or videos like boomerang and super zoom. Think about what medium will best suit your subject. Tip: Mix up your mediums, and use both photos and short videos for a more compelling story.

4. Consider composition – Shoot vertically so that your shots are easy to view on mobile. Tip: You can shoot on your phone’s camera, and then upload photos or videos from your camera roll afterwards. This gives you more chances to capture the picture-perfect moment, and then select the best one to share.

5. Use the features – Instagram Stories offers a ton of features that help your photos and videos jump off the screen. These are our favorites:

  • Filters – Adding a filter helps enhance the colors, contrast, and lighting on your photos or videos. Think about using the same or similar filters throughout your story for a cohesive look.
  • Geolocations, hashtags and handles – Let your friends know where you are, and who you’re with through tagged handles and geolocations. You can also add hashtags to your posts to add your experience to a bigger Instagram community story.
  • Text-overlay – Add captions on top of your posts to insert your unique voice, give context to viewers, or help tell a more complete story.
  • Engage – Prompt your friends to share their opinion with the poll feature.
  • Have fun with it – IG Stories have a plethora of emojis, graphics, and paint options (love these for hand writing captions). You can even take a selfie on top of your photo! Why not play around and see if you can spice up a visual?

6. Tell a story – Instead of doing a hodgepodge of different posts, think about how you can weave an exciting story for your friends. Here are some tips:

  • Stick to a theme – When you’re traveling, your destination creates a perfect theme.
  • Use text-overlay – Text helps to tell a written story from post to post. It encourages your friends to keep clicking forward to know what’s next!

7. Save it – Make sure to turn your auto-archive feature on so that you can save your stories to view again later.

8. Add it to your profile – was your Instagram Story a piece of art? Add it to your Instagram profile so your followers can view it again and again.

— Kelsey Culbertson, Social Media Manager @ Kimpton