Posted January 30, 2020

6 Ways to Practice Hygge This Spring

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If you’re not on board with the Danish obsession with getting cozy known as Hygge (pronounced hoo-ga), you might want to subscribe. Go on Instagram, and you’ll find 5.6 million posts of weighted blankets, coffee mugs, candlelit baths and sleeping cats tagged “#hygge.” Hygge was even shortlisted as the Oxford Dictionary Word of the Year. Since we want you to feel all hygge-fied when you’re with us and at home, we asked our friend Blair of The Fox & She to share her perfect Spring Hygge weekend. Read on.

After a very busy and exhausting week, I decided that we should spend a weekend of hygge in preparation for spring. I find myself gravitating more towards relaxing evenings, so the whole idea of hygge is one that I’m down with.

If you want to plan your own weekend of hygge, here are a few ideas to try at home or with friends:

1. Stay In on Friday

I fully admit that for us, staying in on a Friday night almost always sounds better than going out. But if you’re normally someone who loves your Friday night plans, try taking a weekend off and cozying up at home. Call in take out, pour some wine and curl up on the couch with friends or loved ones and catch up on your favorite shows. Make sure to light a candle to set the mood.

2. Enjoy a Lazy Morning

One of the best things about staying in on a Friday night is that you typically go to bed earlier than normal, so when you wake up the following morning, you’re super well-rested. Instead of rushing about your normal routine, slow it down. Put on your coziest robe and slippers, make a pot of coffee or tea, meditate or read a book. It’s easy to get so caught up in our schedules and we forget how wonderful it is to just do nothing.

3. Make Brunch at Home

This ties into your lazy morning, but instead of heading out the door to your favorite brunch spot, grab some groceries the night before and cook a big brunch at home. Some of our favorite brunch experiences have been made at home, so get creative and make something you might not normally cook for breakfast during the week.

4. Hygge with Friends

Hygge is all about relaxing and being cozy, but that doesn’t mean you have to be alone. Invite friends over for dinner and cook together. It can be just as fun to have a double date at home as it is to go out, plus you don’t have to worry about lingering at your table for too long. If you’re dying to get out of the house, make casual plans with friends at a low-key coffee shop or brunch. As long as it fits the bill of relaxation and cozy, it counts in my book.

5. Treat Yourself to an At-Home Spa

Giving myself a little at-home spa is one of my all-time favorite ways to relax. Instead of just slapping on a face mask and calling it a day, go out of your way to make it super relaxing. Change back into your robe (maybe you never changed out?!), dim the lights, light a candle and then do your face mask. While the face mask sits, play some relaxing music and lay on the bed. Just make sure to set a timer so you don’t fall asleep. Once your face mask is done, treat yourself to a hot shower and your best bath products.

6. Plan a Movie Night

When I think about it, we rarely watch movies unless we go out to see one, but it’s so much easier and cozier to do at home. Make popcorn, pour a glass of wine, get your favorite movie candy and pull out all of the blankets. Settle in for the best movie night ever.

Practicing hygge is easy to do at home, but even if you’re traveling you can practice it on the road.

Do you regularly practice hygge? What’s your idea of a cozy and relaxing weekend?

– The Fox & She


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  1. Ashley says:

    This sounds so relaxing! I love the idea of having a hygge weekend.