Posted June 28, 2016

6 Classes to Switch Up Your Workout

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Traveling to a new city should be full of indulgences, but how do you fit those splurges into your healthy lifestyle? Here’s how: Squeeze in a workout or two and you’ll feel absolutely no guilt when that artisanal ice cream shop around the corner calls your name. You can try one of these unique classes at Kimpton or leave the hotel and visit one of these local studios. You’ll experience an only-in-this-city sweat and meet some locals while burning off all of the amazing food on your checklist. And if you’re a member of ClassPass, even better! All of these classes are accessible with a membership.

Chicago: Shred415
These high-intensity classes combine cardio bursts on treadmills with intervals of weight training. By the end you’ll have worked every body part, even muscles that you didn’t know you had, and torched tons of calories.
Drop-in rate: $25
Locations: South Loop, Lincoln Park, Wicker Park, Old Town

Set your own pace with Shred415's interval training. Photo Credit: Shred415

Set your own pace with Shred415’s interval training. Photo credit: Shred415

New York: Row House
Treadmills and spinning bikes aren’t the only cardio machines worth trying. Each pull on a rowing machine works your legs, core, and upper body—which is why the classes at this rowing studio are so effective.
Drop-in rate: $35
Locations: Chelsea, Columbus Circle, Upper East Side

Washington, DC: SwimWod
The pool isn’t just a place to soak up some sun – it’s also ideal for getting in an amazing workout. Need some direction to improve your crawl or breast stroke? Spend an hour taking a SwimWod class and coaches will help you work on technique while boosting your fitness level.
Drop-in rate: $20
Locations: Gallaudet University’s indoor pool

Miami: Vixen Workout
Founded by a former Miami Heat dancer, this exercise class will have you working up a sweat to the latest beats. One caveat: The classes are female-only, so, gents, you’ll have to take your dancing skills elsewhere.
Drop-in rate: $15
Location: Coral Gables

A women-only dance-fueled workout. Photo Credit: The Louis Collection

A women-only dance-fueled workout. Photo credit: The Louis Collection

Los Angeles: Sandbox Fitness
You’ve never worked out in a huge indoor sandpit before? Here’s your chance. Exercising on sand requires more stability and leg strength than doing the same moves on a steady, flat surface. Bonus: It’s also easier on your joints than hard concrete.
Drop-in rate: $22
Locations: Sherman Oaks, West Hollywood

As seen on ABC’s Shark Tank, Surfset® mimics the physical demands of surfing including balance, strength and cardio. Photo Credit: Sandbox Fitness

Spotlighted on Shark Tank, Surfset mimics the physical demands of surfing including balance, strength and cardio. Photo credit: Sandbox Fitness

San Francisco: Burn Pilates
This is no simple Pilates studio. For 55 minutes, you’ll go through a circuit of different exercises: Pilates mat work, resistance band movements, weights, springboard exercises, cardio surges to increase your heart rate, a body weight routine, and more.
Drop-in rate: $22
Locations: Mission, Russian Hill, Hayes Valley, Inner Sunset

Pilates meets cardio and weights. Photo credit: Burn Pilates

Pilates meets cardio and weights. Photo credit: Burn Pilates