Posted January 6, 2020

5 Wedding Moments That Tell Your Love Story


There’s nothing quite as magical as a love story, especially when it’s your own. Sharing highlights from your story with guests on your wedding day is a beautiful way for loved ones to share in the excitement and joy of your celebration. They’ll all want to cheer you on as you write the next chapters!

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Beautiful tabletops can hold special details about your story.

Say It With A Song

Remember that album you played the first time you danced together or the tune you both sang aloud during your first road trip? Share these special memories with your guests by creating a song playlist on Spotify.

Need a little inspiration? Listen to our wedding playlist.


Special songs tell their own story – and inspire folks to groove on the dance floor.

He Says, She Says

You may remember the exact moment you knew your fiancé was the one, but what were those moments for family and friends? Record interviews with your closest loved ones having them share when they knew your love was true, then play the video during your reception. Hearing the people you love describe these sparkly flashes is sure to add a special touch to your big day.

The Facts of Love

Facts of Love

Sharing details about your love brings it to life for your guests.

Mix in little surprises by including a list of fun facts about you and your sweetheart on your wedding programs. This is a great way for everyone attending to learn more about you both. Unique programs can also be a wonderful conversation starter and the perfect way to keep guests entertained as they wait for you to make your entrance.

Turn the Tables

Instead of traditional table numbers, give each of your tables a name that reflects a part of your life together. Describe the most enjoyable places you’ve visited as a couple, quotes from your favorite books, significant dates in your relationship, or other things that mean something special to you both. Guests will enjoy reading about your interests and the moments that have shaped your lives together.

Pop Quiz

LGBT Wedding

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Place a guessing game on each table. Include questions like, “Which one of us has a black belt in judo?” or “Where did Zach propose?” The table with the most correct answers wins a prize.

– Kendra Collins


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