Posted February 20, 2016

5 Ways to Shake Up Family Spring Break

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Who doesn’t love spring break?  The very name speaks of everything that’s good in life: gorgeous weather after a long winter and a chance to get away from the everyday routine of work and school. And the best part is that there are as many ways to plan a spring break vacation as there are families. Here are some tips for making your spring break not just fun but memorable for all.


Dive in at the Kimpton Surfcomber in Miami, FL.

Make it “Opposite Week.”

A great way to switch things up is to look around and imagine what the most dramatic change of scenery would be. Are you landlocked? Think about an escape to Vero Beach or San Diego. Live where it’s sunny all the time? How about a ski trip to Vermont’s idyllic Kimpton Taconic Hotel for the tail-end of the season?

A trip like this may mean you need gear that you don’t own; remember to ask the front desk to see what they can hook you up with.

Let the Learning Continue.

You love museums; your kids think they don’t. Here’s a stealth way to get them interested: when you’re choosing a spring break destination, think about what they’ve been learning about in school. Have they been studying colonial American history? Boston or Philadelphia both offer a chance to see history in action. If biodiversity has been on the syllabus, San Francisco and Chicago are home to amazing natural history museums, the former with a living rainforest.

We’re not saying it’s all work and no fun; there’s just an added bonus. We bet their teachers will notice when your kids write those “What I Did on Spring Break” essays.

Short can be Sweet.

A week away can be a big undertaking for a family, especially if you’ve got younger kids. But don’t underestimate the restorative powers of the long weekend away.

A shorter trip might also mean you feel like you can splurge a little on your accommodations and book a larger room. Kimpton Seafire Resort + Spa in Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman offers roomy, family-friendly bungalows, many with kitchens and all within a frisbee’s throw of the beach and pools. Bunk beds made for climbing and cozy reading nooks are hard to resist; you may not see your children for the entire weekend as they play explorer.

071_Bunkbed room_8335.jpg

Climb the ladder for an even better view at Kimpton Seafire Resort + Spa in Seven Mile Beach.

Don’t Forget to Relax.

When you’re considering your spring break destination, think about down time. It’s great if there are lots of attractions and things to do, but in order for everyone to feel rested and refreshed when you return home you’ll want to be sure you’ve got opportunities for R&R. This might mean booking a hotel that has a rooftop pool or a comfy lobby where you can simply hang out. Or make sure you’re close enough to the beach or slopes to easily get back to your room for a quick midday snack and power nap.

No matter where you spend your spring break, a little smart planning will help make sure it’s truly a vacation for both your kids and for you.

Hop in the Car.

Goodland WoodyYou don’t have to get on a plane to enjoy a fun spring break. Think about drive-to destinations that you’ve always wanted to visit. You’ll enjoy the feeling of getting away without hours of travel time or the cost and hassle of plane tickets. In some Kimpton hotels, your kids will be excited about the animal-print bathrobes and family-friendly meals whether you’ve traveled for an hour or a day.

— Mara Gorman

Mara is an award-winning freelance writer and author of The Family Traveler’s Handbook. She’s been traveling with her two sons for over a decade, including a 13-month adventure across 6 states, 3 countries, and 2 continents with her toddler.



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