Posted December 23, 2020

5 Ways to Make Your Wedding Extra Personal


At Kimpton, we plan thousands of weddings each year at our hotels and restaurants. So we know that before the happy couple says, “I do,” there are a lot of to-do’s. One biggie is making sure the wedding is remembered and enjoyed by each and every guest. Make an impression with personal touches and special elements that go beyond the expected. We tapped into our events and catering team, who had these 5 key tips to share.


1. Don’t just pick a theme – tell a story.
Create a mood and set the scene with rich textures and stylish surprises. At one wedding at Hotel Monaco Philadelphia, the couple looked to The Great Gatsby for design inspiration. Instead of floral arrangements, they did feather compositions and let the cool, open palette of the hotel evoke the Roaring ‘20s.

2. Think beyond the photo booth.
Nothing against them – photo booths are great and will always be a hit. But for bigger wow factor, try a booth with green screen technology. This means everyone can ham it up in front of a blank (green) screen after which the photographer can swap in any background, from the Eiffel Tower to a remote beach.

3. Treat the kiddos.
You might want the kids around – just not all the time. So make them and their parents happy by reserving a suite in the hotel that can be their play room for the evening. The hotel can help with a babysitting service and provide all the entertainment, like family-friendly movies, milk and cookies.

vintage portland game room

The game room at Hotel Vintage Portland

4. Up the fun with a game room.
Frequently at Hotel Vintage Portland, wedding parties set aside a suite as a game room – it has a pool table and can also be hooked up with Wii or old-fashioned board games, of course. So when the final song of the night ends, your guests have somewhere to go to keep the party going. Game rooms are also great to give the wedding party somewhere to hang out before the night begins.

5. Hashtag it.
Keep tabs on all the fab photos taken throughout the night with a unique hashtag. Whatever one you want! Display the hashtag on centerpieces (you can even put selfie sticks on the tables), in the wedding program, or in welcome letters at the hotel. Put a spin on things by challenging your guests to take pictures of particular things throughout the evening, like the craziest dance moves or sweetest couple poses. #awesomememories

Have a blast as you plan your wedding. And remember – it’s just one day so make it count!

top photo: a wedding at Surfcomber


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