Posted February 20, 2022

5 (Less Obvious) Last Minute Spring Break Destinations


It’s not too late. Some vacations require months of planning, a flurry of texts to coordinate, and hours spent researching things like whether you need a visa.

Then there are these. Simple, easy, and guaranteed fun. These are spring break destinations that are dead-simple to do at the last minute. We’ve generally avoided the most obvious spots (sorry Florida, but we still love you), focusing instead on worthy destinations that are easy to access, perfect for Spring, and offer enough variety to justify the last-minute splurge.

Your 100%-South-Padre-free, last minute spring break destinations:

Kimpton Hotel Born, Photo by @throughhislense


Spring is a sneaky-great time to visit Denver and the Rockies, as it’s something of a shoulder season that offers loads of options. Skiing? Yep, there’s still snow on the slopes of Kirkwood and Copper, and they’re close enough to ski as a day-trip. More summery outdoor adventures? Sure, and by March most of the hiking trails are open for business. Plus you’ll find an underrated foodie scene, the epic new Meow Wolf art installation (as bizarre as it is difficult to describe; just check it out), and outdoor breweries that are in full Spring bloom.

Where to stay: Kimpton Hotel Born & Kimpton Monaco Denver

Las Vegas

Not for the reasons you might think. On the one hand, yes, of course you have easy access to the never-ending feast of restaurants, nightclubs, day clubs, spas, shows, and all of the typical Vegas-y glam. That’s spring break catnip. For a more memorable Spring Break, though, consider the “one-two punch” of pairing your nightlife shenanigans with the overlooked spread of outdoor activities nearby — mountain biking, hiking, ATVs, or even a road trip to the Grand Canyon. Spring is the time to do it.

Kimpton Aluna Resort Tulum


True, Tulum is no longer the undiscovered gem of the early 2010s, but a gem is still a gem. And for a Spring Break in Mexico, you’ll find more pristine beaches and fewer mobs than in Cabo or Cancun. It’s a snap to divvy up the trip between beach bum laziness (no judgement) and exploration of the many cenotes, archeological sites, and Mayan ruins.

Where to stay: Kimpton Aluna Resort Tulum


The beaches on Tybee Island will be less frantic than the more obvious getaways, and like the other entries on this list, Savannah offers that winning combo of outdoor chill and something else — in this case, a sun-drenched buffet of Southern history. (There’s not one just one historic square to visit. Not just two. Not three. There are 22 squares.) Come for the azaleas, stay for the music festivals.

Where to stay: Kimpton Brice Hotel

Kimpton Brice Hotel


Real talk? Texas can get hot and humid and gross. (I’m allowed to say that; I grew up there.) Which is why Spring is the ideal time to see why Austin is one of the buzziest “it” cities of the moment, as the migration from New York and San Francisco has super-charged the city’s already-excellent restaurant, nightlife, and music scene. The only downside of the trip is that you might want to move here — you won’t be the first.

Where to stay: Kimpton Van Zandt

Kimpton Hotel Van Zandt, Photo by @deborahstachelski