Posted March 14, 2022

5 Fresh Ways to Kick Off a Meeting


Let’s be real, there’s no time for boring meetings in 2022. Luckily, we’re kind of (read: definitely) experts in memorable meetings. Before you get down to business, create some buzz. Give your attendees a welcome they’ll remember. We’re sharing our tried-and-true tricks to kick meetings off creatively, be it a simple surprise or full-blown spectacle. These five must-do’s will get your guests inspired, geared up and ultimately glad they RSVP’d “Yes.”

Start Things on a High Note: Hire a Local Choir

Picture this: Your guests are seated and all eyes are at the front of the room. The hush of anticipation hangs in the air. Suddenly, the doors swing open and the sound of a cappella song breaks the silence. A choir enters, filling the air with music and bringing people to their feet. It’s no ordinary way to start a meeting — but it’s one that will certainly be remembered. And it’s easy to facilitate. Ask your meeting host for a list of local choirs in town. Work with the talent to select songs related to your company’s mission or choose tunes that are well known and altogether inspiring.

Fuel Their Imaginations: Leave a Bite to Eat at Each Seat
A little snack to start things off (or to fuel attendees when they need it throughout the day) – is the best kind of surprise. For something nibble-able and good for you, try dried fruit, seeds or nuts. Be an hors d’oeuvres artist and engage a creative presentation (think: rosemary springs instead of skewers). Use color as an inspiration in your food and beverage presentation too; whether it’s a pop of color or a monochromatic vibe, let your catering be fun, not just functional.

Kimpton Goodland Fort Lauderdale

Find Focus and Flow: Meditate or Stretch as a Group
Often, the key to a productive meeting is mindfulness. Guide your group to a centered and focused place with the help of a local yoga or fitness studio. An instructor can lead you through meditation, breath work and a gentle stretch. You can make wellness an even bigger focus of your gathering by starting with a full yoga class. Ask your meeting venue about creative spaces to host this: many may offer their rooftops, pool decks, or ballrooms.

Pump Up the Mood: Create a Playlist
At Kimpton, we believe music brings people together. If you can’t hire live entertainment, a well-crafted playlist can be just as powerful. Think of each song you include as delivering a message. What is it you want to convey? The thrill of accomplishment? A push of motivation? All-around good vibes? Check-out our Kimpton Meeting Playlist on Spotify for a little inspiration. Enjoy over three hours of custom curated tunes to set the tone for your next meeting or event.

Caffeinate Your Crowd Creatively: Arrange a Gourmet Coffee + Tea Bar
Think beyond the common carafe. Everyone loves their caffeine and even more so if it’s presented in an eye-catching way, with multiple options. Consider having several flavors of coffee, from light to dark roasts. Add flavored creamers and different colored sugars. Top things off with dunk-able extras, from cinnamon sticks to edible flower sprigs. Make it all visually interesting with drinking vessels of all shapes and sizes.


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