Posted June 11, 2018

5 Can’t-Miss Races in Europe


Europe offers fantastic destinations for running races with different courses, themes, activities and distances popping up every year.  If you’re into fitness and can’t miss a training session even when traveling, pack your running shoes and include one of these can’t-miss races on your next European adventure.

Medoc Marathon

Running through the picture-perfect vineyards of Bordeaux. Courtesy Marathon du Médoc.

Northern Hospitality: The Great North Run (Newcastle upon Tyne, UK)

You’ll find that most British cities offer a running race to get your pulse up and sweat on. Over 280 miles north of London and 70 miles from the Scottish border, you’ll find Newcastle. Known for their Northern charm and friendliness, the people of the city line the streets to cheer on those who take part in The Great North Run. This half marathon takes you on a tour of the city with bands playing en route, a great crowd, and a finish line with a sea view—it’s a feel-good run from start to finish.

The Great North Run - Photo by Dan Vernon

Runners crossing the Tyne Bridge. Photo by Dan Vernon. Courtesy Great Run Company.

Superhero Speeds: Superhero Run (London, UK)

If your playful side is what gets you out of bed, check out London’s Superhero Run which takes place in May. Grab your cape and channel The Flash as you dash through London dressed as your favorite masked crusader. If you love to run, but don’t want to take on a marathon dressed as Mr. or Mrs. Incredible, the race distances are much shorter, with 5K or 10K to choose from. There’s also a 200m mini-Superhero race for your Powerpuff girls and Superboys—so they won’t miss out.

Super Hero Run

A race that makes you feel like a super hero. Courtesy Skyline Events.

Save Water, Drink Wine: Le Marathon des Châteaux du Médoc (Bordeaux, France)

An extraordinary race that takes place in France is the Médoc Marathon in Bordeaux. Bordeaux is famous for its wine, so the event organizers combined this with a marathon attracting runners from all over the globe to run and taste wine at the same time.  If that isn’t enough, the race is a costumed affair with a different theme every year. If you’d rather just focus on the wine, a walking version with a distance of 9K-10K is available the following day.

Medoc Marathon

Runners stay hydrated with wine at this race. Courtesy Marathon du Médoc.

Military Moves: Mud Masters (Airport Weeze, Germany and Burgers’ Zoo or Biddinghuizen, The Netherlands)

Mud Masters is an intense race that includes military-style obstacles. You can enter as a team with your friends in one of multiple events across The Netherlands and Germany. The aim of the race is to finish together; it’s all about teamwork and no one can be left behind. Choose from 6K, 12K, 18K or a whopping 42K race—and the best part is you can celebrate your finish with a cold beer.

Mud Masters

Wear something you don’t mind getting dirty in for this one. Courtesy Mud Masters.

Record Breaking Attempts: Berlin Marathon (Berlin, Germany)

Want a September city run to round off your summer nicely? Then choose the Berlin Marathon which takes place in one of Germany’s trendiest cities. If you’re looking for a personal best, this is the race for you. More records are broken at this race each year than any other. It probably comes down to the appealing flat course and few corners. What are you waiting for?

Berlin Marathon

Running through the streets of Berlin. Courtesy the Berlin Marathon.


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