Posted April 7, 2020

5 Addictive Fitness Apps

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alx_ls_004If the only thing you use your phone for during workouts is to check how much time’s left until you can call it quits, you’re missing out. Apps can refresh your routine, whether you need motivation to lace up your sneakers, ideas for new workouts to try, or some tunes to spice up that old playlist. And these five apps are the perfect downloads to get you started.

Find a workout that speaks to you. Having trouble staying motivated on your runs? The Aaptiv app provides audio-based workouts, giving everyone access to personalized fitness instruction. It lets you select your workout based on activity, trainer, and music preferences. No screens here, so feel free to focus on your form and instead direct your attention to your surroundings. With Aaptiv, you can get outside or stay at home—no equipment necessary.

$14.99/month or $99/year (offers a free trial): iPhone | Android | Web

Embrace the super short workout. If you have as little as 10 – 28 minutes, you can squeeze in a workout with the Obé app. The app offers of everything from dance cardio to HIIT to barre and pilates. Most workouts need only your own body weight or light hand weights, maybe a mat or yoga blocks. Luckily these are all accessible enough to do in the comfort of your own living room.

$27/month or $199/year (offers a free trial): iPhone | Web

Challenge your friends. Up for a little friendly competition? Strava utilizes your phone as a GPS to capture your running and cycling record. Use it to track your distance, pace, and record your workouts. Dive into the data and analyze your progress towards your fitness goals. You can even connect with your social network to share your favorite routes and see how your results are measuring up.

Free or $5-6/month for Summit membership: iPhone | Android | Web

Charity Miles AppPut your miles to good use: Need some motivation to move more? How about knowing that you’re helping a worthy cause? With the Charity Miles app, you select a cause that’s important to you from the list. Then every time you go on a walk, run, or go on a bike ride, you raise money for that charity with every mile that you log (the funds come from corporate sponsors).

Free: iPhone | Android | Web

Move to a better beat.You love Celeste’s soulful ballads, but maybe not when you’re in the middle of a sprint interval. Now you can let your body drive the beat with high-energy tunes that are sure to send your performance soaring. Just open up the RockMyRun app, choose one of their curated playlists, toss your phone in your pocket, and let the music automagically match either your steps or your heart rate.

Free or $2.99-4.99/month for ROCKSTAR membership: iPhone | Android | Web