Posted March 31, 2020

4 Ideas To Share Your Wedding Love Story


Every couple has their own “how we met story” and now it’s time to share with your friends and family. Get creative and think about those details that reflect your journey together. From personalized food stations to wall mapping (more on that later), our events team shares their four tips on how to tell your unique romance.

wedding couple image credit kisa conrad

Frame your day with flowers as memorable as your love. Image Credit: Kisa Conrad

1. Serve Your Culinary Favorites

Consider the basics and think about where you met and what you ate on your first date. Design a menu that shares the story of your romance.

  • If your first date was grabbing late-night slices, set up a station serving individual pizzas loaded with your favorite toppings.
  • If you love Old Fashioned cocktails, create a cocktail station showing guests how to craft their own.
  • For dessert, serve a small wedding cake and accompany it with sweet treats such as classic milkshakes or a sundae bar (you can also make them boozy).
  • If you love camping together, serve s’mores.
old fashion cocktail image credit colin beckett

Fancy an Old Fashioned? Tell part of your story by serving your favorite cocktail. Image Credit: Colin Beckett

When it comes to your background and heritage, there’s nothing like sharing your respective cultures and marrying old and new traditions. Bring this to life with food and drink. For instance, if you’re Greek, serve Mediterranean platters and souvlaki and if you’re Polish you might pass around sweet and savory pierogis.

meat skewers image credit aubrie pick

When intentional, food selections can speak volumes about your personal history and journey together. Image Credit: Aubrie Pick

2. Music is Always the Answer

An easy way to set the mood—and tell the story of how you met—is through music.

  • Think about music you shared through your travels. As you walk down the aisle, maybe skip the classical harp trio and instead bring in a New Orleans-style jazz quartet.
  • When the party starts, add a unique touch. If you love island hopping, call in a steel drum band or if you’re partial to honky-tonk or country music, hire a Western singer.
  • After the wedding, send a virtual thank you note, and drop in your custom Spotify link.

Check out our wedding playlist if you need some inspiration.

3. Share Your Love of TravelNo Passport Required

Ditch the traditional table numbers. Whether you like to hike in Red Rocks country or idle beachside in Grand Cayman, arrange the names of countries and cities you’ve visited together as table markers. Or showcase images of your travels around the world. If you love Paris, transform your room with projection mapping and turn a wall into The City of Lights. Or set up a photo booth with a variety of wanderlust-inducing backdrops.

place setting image credit kisa conrad

We’re tickled pink by this gorgeous place setting at the Kimpton Hotel Born. Image Credit: Kisa Conrad

4. Get Social and Don’t Forget a Custom Hashtag

Set up a custom Instagram-worthy area so your friends and family can take photos and share their moments on social. Catch their attention with wall mapping, from displaying a fun neon sign with your names to your favorite saying or catchy phrase. Or weave in a travel theme. Develop a series in front of iconic landmarks and a destination skyline and swap out the chalkboards with letter board signs. Lastly, don’t forget to come up with a witty wedding hashtag so you can see all your guests’ photos in one place!

kimpton born hotel image credit kisa conrad

Perfecting the details of your space makes every corner photo-worthy. Image Credit: Kisa Conrad


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