Posted March 31, 2020

4 Fabulous Registry Items Every Boston Couple Needs


The roomful of family and friends, the overflowing platters of hors d’oeuvres, the boogieing down past midnight: let’s face it, is there anything better than a great wedding? And when you’re the one actually getting married, is there anything better than dreaming up the perfect gift registry?

Sure, classic china will always be just that: classic. But this year, Boston couples can have a whole lot of fun stocking universal registries like Zola and Honeyfund with creative, experiential gifts tailor-made to life in Beantown.

Here now, four ideas to get started:

1. With private classes at Flour Bakery, there’s no need to fret about saving a slice of wedding cake. The beloved local institution offers a full range of courses for wannabe pastry chefs, from cake decorating to pie-making. Date night doesn’t get any sweeter.

Let the decadence in with a couple’s cooking class. (Photo credit: Kristin Teig Photography)

2. Whether it’s a milestone occasion or a random Tuesday, there’s never a bad time to splurge on a night out. There’s where a gift certificate from Frank Pasquale’s DePasquale Ventures, will come in handy. Fair warning: Boston’s culinary godfather has so many stellar Italian-American restaurants that it’ll be hard to decide where to go.

3. There’s nothing more quintessentially Boston than catching a Red Sox game. Forgo Fenway’s hard wooden seats for a private table on the Right Field Roof Deck. You’ll enjoy enviable views of the ballpark and the attention of a dedicated waiter— meaning that yes, those Fenway Franks come to you. The package comes with four tickets, making it a homerun of a double-date.

A Red Sox game is the ultimate Boston date night (Photo credit: fmua /

4. At some point in married life, you’ll probably have some friends over for dinner. Wouldn’t it be nice to use tabletop items that feel like you? Ogusky Ceramics offers custom registries; couples can work with the Boston studio to formulate a vision for a unique set of pottery. After the glazed-and-fired pieces are done, they’re listed online for friends and family to select as gifts.

If these aren’t enough, couples who book their weddings at the Kimpton Marlowe are in for an even bigger treat. In addition to an unforgettable celebration with views of the Boston skyline, couples will receive a complimentary suite upgrade and customized newlywed pillows. Wedding guests will enjoy creative culinary options including pop-up dining stations and late-night cookies and popcorn and wake up to a hangover amenity to ease the morning after.

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