Posted February 25, 2020

3 Ways to Make Large Meetings Feel Intimate


Ever attended a large meeting that felt impersonal? Often, despite scheduled networking opportunities, attendees end up checking their phones or talking with people they already know during the breaks. Attendees find large meetings most successful when they were able to spark new connections, learn something new and enjoy a sense of place. Here are a few creative ways to give bigger events the boutique treatment with a memorable welcome, interactive food & beverage options, and the chance to truly connect with fellow attendees.

Hold your next meeting in an oh-so-chic meeting space. Photo Courtesy of Charlotte Square Hotel

Create a Vibe with Music

Music brings people together in a way that few things can. Set the tone for your meeting by curating a customized playlist that works for your group and location and check out our tips for when and how to incorporate music into your meeting. You can even share a link to these songs as a takeaway for your attendees once the event ends. Even better, create a real sense of surprise and delight by featuring a pop-up performance by a local artist during lunch or a break.

A little music goes a long way in making your meeting memorable. Photo credit: @cocotice

Learn the Local Cuisine

With a busy agenda, it’s rare for attendees to get the chance to explore the city where the meeting is held, much less get a taste of the local food scene. A great way to bring your destination to life is by featuring an interactive cooking demonstration or beverage tasting. From early morning Cubano coffee tastings in Miami to preparing fresh ceviche oceanside with a chef in San Diego, there are so many great opportunities to create rave-worthy experiences starring local cuisine.

Small, thoughtful spaces give attendees a chance to recharge. Photo Courtesy of Charlotte Square Hotel

Design a Space to Recharge

Sometimes, you just need a minute. Make sure to include smaller sanctuaries where attendees can break away to check emails and recharge. These areas are easy to create within the main meeting space or in a separate room. By including small arrangements of plush seating with charging ports you can ensure that everyone is fully engaged during the actual event rather than attempting to check emails or catch up on work.

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