Posted March 30, 2020

3 Tips to Stretch Your Meetings Budget


Staying on budget for meetings or events is a tough task for even the most detailed planner, but there are creative ways to trim costs without sacrificing the quality of your experience. As yearly budgets get tighter, having a dollar-conscious game plan is a must. Here are three tips to set your business meeting up for success without breaking the bank.

Woodward and Bernstein Business Meeting Room The Photographers Gallery

Running a business meeting on a budget? Use these tips below to make the most of your session. Image credit: The Photographers Gallery

1.) Be Transparent

Discussing money and budgets can be considered taboo, but it’s the best way to guarantee that you don’t overspend. Share your budget and goals for the event or meeting during the first conversation instead of saving it until the end. That way, catering and event teams have time to create custom options within your spend goals, and craft lower-cost, outside-the-box experiences. Event teams can also help you prioritize areas where they’re able to do more for less, without your attendees even noticing.

Budgeting for Business Math and Reciepts

Be real about your budget — and transparent with people who are helping you plan your meeting. This will help you avoid overspending. Image credit: @chibelek via Twenty20

2.) Trust the Experts

When you’re selecting a venue, take the time to research places that have a proven track record for creating cool events for their customers. Working with a team that knows how to bring creativity to a program can add more flexibility to your budget because chances are they’ll already have the equipment and relationships necessary to bring your meeting dreams to life. Even if they can’t nail down exactly what you want at your preferred price, experienced venues will be willing to coordinate alternative options for things like décor and entertainment that are in line with most of your goals.

Business Meeting Room David Phelps

Choose your meeting venue carefully, and trust the creative staff to craft the event and help you bring more flexibility to your budget. Image credit: David Phelps

3.) Go for Seasonal Snacks

High-quality food and beverages stand out in the minds of most meeting attendees, but that doesn’t mean you have to select the most expensive option on the catering menu. Have a conversation with the chef and catering team about local, in-season ingredients, which tend to be more reasonably priced and cuts down on harmful effects to the environment as opposed to far-away goods. Best of all, meals featuring local, seasonal produce taste better and support the local farming community. A real win-win!

Meeting Buffet Spread Cris Molina

Opt for seasonal snacks to ensure you’re providing fresh brain-food to your hard-working business guests. Image credit: Cris Molina

Nothing is one-size-fits-all when it comes to meetings and events. With five Kimpton hotels in the Washington, D.C. area all with unique styles, our teams will collaborate with you to create thoughtful touches and signature experiences like musical performances or specialty cocktail hours that fit within a variety of budgets to knock your next event out of the park.


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