Posted December 4, 2017

3 Tips for More Meaningful Meals

Eat + Drink

A truly thoughtful meal goes beyond the dishes and sips. The best meals are those where everyone leaves feeling happy and connected to others in a meaningful way. Here are three philosophies that will help you do just that.

Keep It Green + Connected
These days, it’s easier than ever to be green. Try making these sustainable practices part of your routine.

  • Home produce delivery services eliminate the middleman, directly benefitting farmers and producers. Companies like Imperfect Produce weave sustainability into their mission statement through a commitment to finding a home for “ugly,” but perfectly tasty, fruits and veggies.
  • Getting to know organic farmers at your local weekend market is another way to learn about sustainability and support your local community. Not only will you be making new friends, you’ll also be getting to know experts with a wealth of knowledge, recipes and earth-friendly tips to share.
  • Be savvy about your If you have a compost service, study up on what’s accepted; the same thing goes for the blue bins. Better yet, steer clear of disposables and opt for items that can find a permanent home in your kitchen drawers, like silicone or stainless-steel drinking straws.

Produce doesn’t have to be perfect looking to be perfectly tasty (Photo credit: Colette Krey).

Think About Your Tabletop
Tableware is another great way to add layers of meaning to your meal.

  • Art walks and craft fairs are a perfect time to discover locally produced table goods. Buying directly helps the artisans, and you’ll have a window into how your items are produced. Plus, having those relationships opens the door for unique, commissioned pieces.
  • It’s even more fun to check out a local DIY ceramics studio. The next time you’re looking for an entertaining group activity, try throwing a few bowls or plates – you’ll have 100% original pieces with sweet memories.
  • Heirlooms are often crafted from top-notch materials but may need new life breathed into them. A stained tablecloth can become cocktail napkins in the hands of a local tailor, while a silversmith or jeweler could help you re-design a set of family silver.

Let your tabletop tell a story.

Look, Listen and Experience
If your cloth napkins leave lap lint, or your favorite pop playlist doesn’t fit a Friday night dinner, it’s time to dive into the experiential details.

  • Mood – What mood do you want to create? Let that be your guide for all the experiential elements.
  • Music – Music sets the stage. Use a playlist that stays on-theme so your guests don’t feel jarred by changes in tempo. Check out our curated, themed playlists.
  • Lighting – Soft lighting makes any space warmer. Try adding different lamps until you’ve achieved the right vibe.
  • Seating – Comfortable is a must, but have fun with your choices. Mix and match different styles of chairs, and add soft seating for extra coziness.
  • Décor – With all the hard work that goes into entertaining, let the food and drinks shine. Choose décor that puts your hard work center-stage, while your guests take time to relax, laugh and connect.

Set the mood to up the entertaining experience.








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