Posted April 7, 2013

10 Ways to De-Stress with Kimpton

Travel Tips

We know that traveling can take you out of the Zen zone. (Let’s not get started on leg room.) That’s why our hotels and restaurants make a point of getting that busy mind of yours back to a calm, happy place.

Our programs and perks help restore your inner peace, whether it’s by helping you fit in a great workout, inviting you to unwind with wine, or having restorative spa treatments at the ready.

There are so many ways to unwind at Kimpton. Here are our Top 10.

1. Stretch out the relaxation with in-room yoga.
Starting in late-April, every Kimpton guestroom will contain a yoga mat. It’ll come in  handy when you tune into our free on-demand fitness TV programs. Nothing like Shooting Bow Pose to start the day, right?

2. Give hula-hooping a whirl.
Round, round, round you go. If stress has been running circles around you, hula hooping will turn you back into a carefree kid. You can experience the good old-fashioned fun in our fitness centers, which are stocked with hoops.

3. Go for a bike ride.
Breath of fresh air? Get yours riding a Euro-style cycle, available for free loan from any Kimpton front desk. Our employees know some great paths and urban bike routes, so check with them about doing some sightseeing while you’re out and about.

4. Indulge in an in-room spa treatment.
Don’t move a (tired, tight) muscle. We come to you. Schedule an appointment for an in-room spa treatment and we’ll see that those aches, pains and kinks are well attended to.

5. Kick back at wine hour.
When the clock strikes five, we do a happy dance. It’s wine hour at most Kimpton hotels, and our employees will pour you a glass of juicy red or refreshing white in our stylish living room lobbies. Discover a new favorite wine, make new friends and loosen that tie a little.

6. Take a jog with a Kimpton employee.
Yep, you read that right. At some of our hotels, the General Manager or another employee will go for a run with you. Group outings meet in living room lobbies at designated times (check when booking for details). Enjoy an adrenaline rush and get your own personal tour of the city — win-win! Our hotels also have jogging maps so you can head out at your own pace.

7. Eat guilt-free.
Our chefs have a thing for farm-fresh ingredients and light, seasonal preparations. That means you can indulge without having to worry about how your body will feel the next day. (Spoiler: It will feel great.)

8. Have a healthy meeting.
Our private event spaces are equipped with everything you need to hold a successful meeting — including exciting food. Meetings at Kimpton are catered by our restaurant chefs, who don’t miss a chance to incorporate fresh, light ingredients. Even break time is nutritious because we offer a build-your-own granola bar.

9. Soak up the warm-fuzzies.
The fact is: We care. We’re there for you, every step of your stay. We’ll even hug you, if you let us!

10. Variety is the spice of lounging.
Our bathrobes, conveniently found in each room, are hardly one-style-fits-all… curl up in an animal print or a Rocky Balboa-themed robe. It’s cozy and perfect for posing in your getaway ‘grams.

What’s your favorite Kimpton hotel amenity? Let us know in the Comments section below.