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    Kimpton’s Guide to the Best of London

    From shopping to nightclubs to historical sites, here's the ultimate guide to London in a nutshell — the best things to do in London, England, by area.

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    4 Can’t-Miss Cultural Activities in Washington D.C. This Fall

    Washington D.C. comes alive in the fall with cultural events and exhibitions all across the city. Fill your calendar over the next couple months with everything from public art installations to food festivals in the heart of the nation’s capital.

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    A Guide to Taipei’s Night Market Scene

    What’s the one thing you can’t miss in Taipei? The unanimous response from locals is: guang yeshi, or “stroll through a night market.” Here, visit our guide to the best night markets (and delicious must-try dishes!) in the city.

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    7 Travel Ideas to Inspire Your Next VIP Vacation

    If you’re going to go all out on your next trip, here are some of our favorite ways to travel in style and feel like a VIP. Pair these one-of-a-kind experiences with a luxe hotel suite and you’ll feel like a total rock star. (Hint: from caviar flights in Chicago to heli-tours of Portland’s wine country, add these unforgettable experiences to your travel bucket list.)

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    1 City, 3 Ways: Taipei

    The Taiwanese capital’s rich diversity of attractions has something for everyone. Whether you’re an arts & culture buff, an unofficial street food connoisseur, or you prefer trees to sidewalks, this city’s got you covered. Here's our list of the best things to do in Taipei, from gastronomy, culture, hikes, and more.

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    Kimpton Arrives in Tokyo

    Kimpton is adding a new word to its vocabulary: omotenashi. With 160 stylish rooms located a stone’s throw from the world’s busiest train station, Kimpton Tokyo will embody the Japanese spirit of full-hearted hospitality (AKA omotenashi). Opening in time for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, to say we’re excited would be an understatement.

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