Kimpton InTouch: Frequently Asked Questions

The Basics

Q: First things first. What is InTouch?
A: InTouch is our guest loyalty program. You get great perks. You also get to tell us your preferences so we can customize your stay. We're not like the other rewards programs you might belong to, because we give you the chance to tell us what you like, don't like and definitely want during your stay. Then we put our heads together and make it happen. That's our favorite part.

We also mentioned perks. Oh, yes, there are some goodies. See them here

Q: Does it cost anything to become an InTouch member?
A: Nope. Happily, some things in life are still free.

Q: How do I become an InTouch member?
A: Just click here, create your profile with your preferences, and hit Submit. That's it. We take care of the rest.

Q: Shoot, I forgot my password or changed my email address. Now what?
A: For lost or forgotten passwords, go to the link for password retrieval at the bottom of the Sign In page. Then simply follow the prompts to get your password emailed to you. To change your email address, log in with your original email address and change it to your current one. Or call our Service Desk at 1-888-695-4678 to update your profile. We're always glad to walk you through it.

The Good Stuff

Q: How do I earn a free night?
A: There are two ways to earn complimentary night rewards. You will either receive a free night after 7 eligible stays or 20 eligible nights at Kimpton hotels, whichever comes first.

Let's break it down for you:
Let's say you travel to Washington, D.C. for business every month, staying two nights on average each time. You'll receive a free night after your 7th stay..

The other scenario goes something like this:
You take a vacation in San Diego (9 nights), plan a getaway to New York City (4 nights) and work on an off-site project in Chicago (7 nights). There you are. Although only 3 stays, you've reached 20 nights and are eligible for a free night.

Q: Can you define "eligible"?
A: We know... fine print is so much fun, huh? An eligible stay can be any of these:

  • Booked directly at
  • Booked by calling the InTouch Service Desk toll free at 888-695-4678 or 800-KIMPTON
  • Booked using your corporate negotiated rate code with your membership number. Make sure your company's travel agent includes your membership number with your reservation.
Please note: You must use your membership number for the reservation in order to receive credit for each stay.

While we do hate to disappoint, and this is important, the following types of stays are not eligible towards earning complimentary night rewards and Inner Circle status:
  • Stays booked through an online travel website (i.e., Hotwire, Priceline, Expedia,,, Travelocity or Orbitz, etc).
  • Stays that use a complimentary night reward
  • Stays booked with rate codes assigned to airline crew, travel agents, and Kimpton employees

Q: Does my free night reward post immediately after I've satisfied the requirement of 7 stays or 20 nights?
A: You'll see your complimentary night reward posted within a week after you reach your 7th eligible stay or 20th eligible night.

Q: What happens if I have stayed more than 7 times or 20 nights?
A: First, thank you. Truly. We hope you keep coming back because your Kimpton stays and nights will continue to add up until you reach another free night... and another... and another. You get the idea.

Q: May I transfer free night rewards to a friend?
A: Yes, rewards are transferable. Just remember to make the reservation for your friend, family member, colleague or anyone you just want to butter up by using your InTouch member number.

Q: Do I have to make free night rewards reservations in advance?
A: Yes, please. We need at least 24 hours notice to make sure we have a room available for your stay.

Q: Do my Kimpton stays/nights roll over into next year?
A. Yes. Your stay credits never expire. They're magical like that.

Q: How long is a complimentary reward night valid?
A. They are valid for one year from date of issue. Rewards that were issued prior to July 18, 2013 are valid for two years. See terms & conditions for more information.

Q: I wasn't able to travel much this year and my reward is almost expiring. Can I get an extension?
A. We hear you. However, to keep things fair to all members, we do not offer extensions. That doesn't mean that your friends and family members can't benefit! You can always transfer your rewards to someone who might be able to use it.

Q: Can I earn credit on more than one room per stay?
A: You can only earn one stay credit per visit, regardless of how many rooms you pay for.

Q: My spouse or significant other and I each have an InTouch membership. Can we merge our accounts?
A: InTouch is focused on individual and personal recognition and rewards so InTouch membership is individual. That means you can't share your eligible stays or nights. Only the member whose name is listed on the account can earn nights and stays toward complimentary reward nights and Inner Circle elite status when they stay with us. See terms & conditions for more details.

Q: Can I track my stays to see if I'm getting close to a free night?
A: Absolutely. Just log in to your online profile and click MY STAYS to see how you're tracking, both to Inner Circle status as well as a free night.

Q: Other programs offer the ability to buy points or miles so that members can either attain awards quicker, or retain status. Does InTouch offer something similar?
A: At Kimpton we believe that loyalty is about the relationship we enjoy with our members, and the special service that we enjoy giving. This is why we do not offer points or complicated earning schemas. This is also why we do not offer the ability to buy rewards or status extensions.

About Raid the Bar

Q. What is Raid the Bar?
A. Who doesn't love a free drink or snack? Raid the Bar expands upon our popular Raid the Mini Bar perk, and provides a $10 credit ($15 in NYC) to spend at our restaurant bar, or in-room honor bar, during each of your eligible stays. Eligible means that your reservation is made directly with us (via web or phone) and not through sites like, etc... You get the gist.

Q. Are all hotels participating in this benefit?
A. Though nearly all hotels participate in the Honor Bar perk, there are unfortunately some who are not able to offer the Restaurant bar benefit. Though they will continue to offer you the ability to Raid the Mini bar, the following hotels do not participate in the Raid the Bar program:

  • New York City: 70 park avenue, Eventi, INK48
  • San Francisco: Harbor Court, Triton
  • Los Angeles: Hotel Wilshire
  • Salt Lake City: Hotel Monaco
  • Washington DC: The George
  • Dallas: The Lumen

Q. How does it work?
A. You will receive a Raid the Bar card when you check in. You just need to mark where you used your credit (in room or Restaurant bar) and turn in the card when you check-out. A quick check mark and you are on your way! Please note: You will not receive this credit if the Raid the Bar card is not turned in.

Q. Can I give the Raid the Bar card to the bartender?
A. No. We conspired with our awesome bartenders to ensure that you come in to see them while visiting, so you can only use this benefit at the actual bar of the participating hotels. Our bar masters stand ready to whip up your favorite drink of choice. Cheers!

Q: I never stop at the front desk to check out, can I call the front desk and let them know where to apply the credit?
A: We love our Accounting department and like to follow their directions so we really appreciate you helping us by turning the card in at check-out. However, for you rushed road warriors, feel free to call the front desk to notify them that you are checking out and indicate where you used the credit. Remember, if you don't, we aren't able to properly credit your bill.

Q. Can I use Raid the Bar for in-room dining?
A. You can only use this benefit at the bar of the participating hotels. Some say a Bloody Mary is a meal...

Q. Can I use the Raid the Bar for the bartender's gratuity?
A. No. This benefit is for our members to enjoy cocktails or non-alcoholic drinks at the bar only. This benefit is not redeemable for cash.

Q. Can I use the credit for dining in the restaurant?
A. You can only use this benefit while in the bar/lounge area of the restaurant.

Q. Can I use the credit at a different Kimpton hotel other than the one I am staying?
A. You can only use the credit at the Kimpton hotel that issued the Raid the Bar card to you. This benefit is not transferrable to other Kimpton Hotels. (did that sound legalese enough??).

Q. Can I split my credit between the mini bar and the restaurant bar?
A. Yikes, that sounds complicated! You must choose between one or the other, and indicate your choice on the back of your card.

Q. What if I lose my card?
A. Don't fret. We'll give you another one when you check-out.

Q. Do I have to use the credit for a cocktail?
A. Of course not! Our bartenders make a variety of mocktails (non-alcoholic beverages) for your sipping pleasure.

Q. What if I want to dine at the bar?
A. Your credit will be applied to your beverages during your meal.

Other Perks

See all your member perks.

Q. What's this I hear about a spa credit?
A. At participating hotels, you can enjoy a $30 in room spa credit. Why not? You deserve it.

Q. Are there any other ways to earn a reward night?
A. If you're traveling to a lot of places, you could earn a Passport Reward. Just stay at 10 or more different Kimpton hotels during the calendar year (January 1 - December 31) and you'll receive an additional two-night complimentary stay. Once you stay at 15 different hotels you'll get another free night and once you reach 20 different hotels, boom... you get yet another night. The Passport Reward is the perfect reason to visit as many Kimpton hotels as possible. Luckily, we're in a lot of great places! Check out our locations.

Q: What about special member offers?
A: As an InTouch member, you'll always be in the know about exclusive offers and the first to be told about nationwide promotions. Keep an eye out for emails that tell you what's new. Be sure to opt in for our emails if you aren't already. You don't want to miss out; we have some serious sales!

The Inner Circle

Q: Are there any other membership levels or rewards available to InTouch members?
A: Yes and yes. If your travel plans read like Kimpton is your second home, then you could qualify for Inner Circle status.

Don't worry - no secret handshakes are required. You automatically become a member of our most loyal Inner Circle once you've accrued 15 eligible stays or 45 eligible nights in a calendar year (January 1-December 31).

Our Inner Circle members are true VIPs. In addition to your InTouch base benefits, you get treated like royalty and also enjoy perks like:
  • A personalized special welcome amenity in your room. Just tell us your favorite drink and snack of choice, and we'll take care of the rest to the best of the hotels' ability. Sign in to your profile.
  • In addition, you get Raid the Bar!
  • A complimentary one-room type upgrade at check-in (when available)
  • VIP treatment at our restaurants such as priority reservations and a complimentary Chef's treat (small amuse bouche). Just be sure to let the Concierge or Restaurant staff know that you're Inner Circle at the time of making a reservation or when you arrive.
  • A free night at any of our new hotels (available for a limited time after opening)
  • An exclusive VIP reservation line and priority reservations
  • Direct access to Mike Depatie, our CEO
  • No reward night black outs!
Q: How do I know if I qualify for Inner Circle?
A: We review your account weekly. Once you reach the required 15 eligible stays or 45 eligible nights, we'll automatically upgrade you to Inner Circle and you can start enjoying Inner Circle benefits ASAP. You will also get a welcome email letting you know that you have qualified, as well as giving you an overview of your new perks. As such, make sure that you always have your correct email attached to your account. Once upgraded, your account online will reflect your new status.

Please note: In order to save trees, we've gone entirely paperless and no longer mail Inner Circle cards.

Q: Can stays and nights from previous years count towards the Passport Reward or Inner Circle status?
A: Unfortunately, no. We only count your time with us that's accumulated within a January 1-December 31 calendar year.

Questions about Questions

Q: I have more questions. Who can help?
You have options. A ton of friendly Kimpton peeps stand ready to answer any questions we didn't cover above, or if you need help with your membership.

1-888-695-4678 (toll-free) or 506-637-3376 (Canada)
Monday - Friday: 8 a.m. - 8:30 p.m. EST
Saturday and Sunday: 10 a.m. - 6:30 p.m. EST

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